A Lusternian Furrkin

Anthropomorphic MMORPG

An excellent image depicting the anthropomorphic Furrkin from the text MMORPG Lusternia.


Cute but everyone in Achaea would hate it! They hate rajamala there

everything there has to be dark and foreboding?

but people there have an aversion for furries :P

Hmm, a squirrel.

Other than the boobstraps, I actually like this artwork. I'd be interested in seeing more of other species of Furrikin. There are a lot of options in my mind.

I agree. I'd like to see something a little more practical than the straps over her chest. I like the idea of a squirrel Furrikin, but would also like to see some more species. Maybe some species that you don't usually see?

i realized just now, i've always said "furrikin", instead of "furrkin". heh.

For sure!

Pretty cool-looking picture.

Look like they are about to pop....

So much focus on furrikin boobs.

For some reason this may or may not arouse me.

I like this artist a lot.

I think these are the strongest pieces of art for any of the IRE race info pages. Anatomically they all fit a pretty specific ideal, but he doesn't compromise things like their musculature and bone structure to achieve bad, sexy poses. That means something :)

I wonder if she is out gathering nuts to store for the winter?


Was it furrkin or furrikin? I'm doubting myself now.

I 100% only read these comments to laugh at the one person from Aetolia responding to like everyone.

Also, my boobs are repulsed by the armour, oh god that would be SO VERY UNCOMFORTABLE.

Lusternia has such cool races. Furrkin are supposed to be real diverse though, I think. I can only imagine how many bunnys achaea would have ._.

Credit comment

they are soo cute.

just how I picture them (well mostly)

D: squirrel?

Our furballs are the best furballs.


So thinking of the marvel character.

cool depiction, but strange collection of armour

So where in Lusternia is the plastic surgeon?


Now I just feel like I'm watching an anime...

Looks cool