Achaea Shirt Design

Achaea Shirt Design

This is the rough draft for the shirt design for one of Iron Realms most popular text games, Achaea. Once again this image was created by Chris Bourassa.


Okay, that is a pretty wicked design. Can't wait to see the finished look!

I like it! And yes of course I would HAVE to buy one!!!

Want to see other shirt designs~

Definitely would be interested in buying that. The details on the dragon are nice! I'd take this as is, honestly.

as would I. :)

buy one

You would think there would be a link

Check out the forums, there's a merch link!

I would buy one just as it is as well, it looks reeeaally nice, especially the detail on the dragon.

From what I remember, these shirts are going to be revised. But the font doesn't look as good as it does on the website for some reason. I think it's the gradient.

This design is beyong my expectation. I would definitely wear a t-shirt with that on. Well done!

So cool!

And awesome.


When's the shirt available? ;)

nice design!

I would wear that once it's finished

Likewise, I like it.

i dont play the game but i would wear the shirt.

Hope they will come out finished soon!

niiice! Here be dragon shirts!




Sweet, I was wondering when they would come out with some awesome Achaea swag.

Yes I would definitely buy one of these


Everyone is saying they would buy one but no one knows how much it costs, I must be the only poor person here. I might buy one of it sells for less than $50.00, which it may not.  After all that artwork is awesome and the artist will probably want to get paid well.

I doubt they will price that high. It might be more like 20-25 dollars or less.

T-shirts? What craziness will they think of next?

So far I've seen Achaea, Midkemia and Aetolia. No Impy shirt :/

Honestly, I'd buy the shirt, and it would be cool if they came out with other items with their name and design. i totally go for the coffee cup, or beer mug. A beer mug would be wicked. Etch a drunk dwarf trying to fight a dragon on it or something.

Can it be purchased with credits?

What it lacks in tattoos it makes up for in an abundance of awesome.

I would definately buy one of those.

Where's teh like button.

i love it, but i'd like to see some colour in it too!  i'd buy one either way.

Me too cos t-shirts must be black



I would so buy that if I knew where to get it.

nice I likes!

I would definitely wear that. Whether I could afford it is another question.

Wicked cool.

Looks awesome! I want!


I like it.

I do not wear brands, but for Achaea I will surely make an exception! Just make it really cool otherwise it would look lame. 

 I like the artwork, but if I were to have a t-shirt I wouldn't even wear it. It'd -have- to be a tank top for me! Good artwork, but could use a little more detail in comparison to the wizard for Midkemia.

Would colored versions of this become available? If there was some contrast between the rock/mountain/perch and the dragon, and also have the text colored as it is on the website, this would look amazing. I like the design and artwork for sure, just think some color would really look great!

I really like this

How many credits will THIS cost?

But still, it's purty cool.

Will there be a Lusternian one?

Wasn't there one already?


What happened to that old Lusternia store, anyways. I lost the link.