Achaea Shirt Design

Achaea Shirt Design

This is the rough draft for the shirt design for one of Iron Realms most popular text games, Achaea. Once again this image was created by Chris Bourassa.


Er, buy it!


Do the old shirts, coffee mugs, etc. still exist?

That is one of the better looking designs I've seen yet. Wouldn't even need to much color depending on the color of shirt it went on.

Would buy this if it came in colors other than white.

For some reason the dragon reminds me of what I would have expected Smaug to look like.

more color in this.

I am Bill Nighy, and the ashen color scheme seems more fitting with Aetolia. Ours is too emo, in my opinion.



I wonder how Mr. Bourassa would draw an Aspect. I'd love to see some samples!

That'd be cool. I'd like to see them, too.

So need post dates - are these even being printed?

Ooh, pretty!

it's awesome!!!


I want...

When will it be available?



How many credits for the t-shirt? heh heh

Cool design! 

a very good design. And I suppose that dragons are appropriate enough for Achaea.

Is the aetolian one around?

I like this.

Truly, this design would look marvelous on a speedo.

Any update on this?

I agree with Ueli on that it depends on what colour shirt it will get distributed as.

Is Imperian's still the three moons?

I love the design!

I like the design.

Love it :)

Is this ever going to actually be released? I want one, damnit! an I just copy the image and iron it to a shirt? ;)


I like it!


nice design

Also, can we have one with the new Emblem?

I like that it has four holes, two for your arms, one for your head and one for your torso



Ooo, awesome dragon.

But it needs color. I thought the mountan was the dragon's legs at first glance.

Looks nice.

I liike it. Want so many more artifacts but the shirt would be pretty cool.

What happened to getting shirts? 

I love this design! I'll leave a link here for the achaea merch store, for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.



This is cool

Looks great!


so boring..

Credit comment.

Well done!