Achaean Atavian

MMO Jester Class

This is a depiction of an Atavian from the text game Achaea. In this case the Atavian has taken on the class of a Jester, and is obviously using his skills to unleash a bit of MUD game butt whoopin. Chris Bourassa is the artist once again!


This is amazing!

Awesome painting

Love this artwork, it really captures the Jester class in the MMO Achaea. The only things I thought were funny about this picture is that the Jester appears to be using his defensive tarot cards as if they were for offense. The Fool and Priestess card are for curing the owners afflictions and mana, respectively :D

because he's a Fool?

haha! He is apparently helping his allies with them..




That's a very sharp eye you have!

the better to see you with!

Pretty great pic. Not sure where the horns fit in, though.

Agreed.  Atavians are basically humanoid with wings, right?  Never heard anything about horns.  Pretty awesome picture, though.


EDIT: Oh, I guess maybe it's a mask.

It is the mask. Although when considering that this picture is going to be the first/only one new players see of Atavians, I can imagine an influx of horned Atavians flooding Achaea.

Yes, but this is still an epic picture.

The detail on the tarot is my fav.

I give props to the fact that they are actual tarot cards from the Rider-Waite deck.

Doesn't really make sense, but hey, it is cool. I still want to see a deck based on Lusternia's tarot


oh you

would probably look better

Very pretty


Wow. Didn't notice that the first time I looked.

Don't think I've seen one..

he's weird, i agree.

Pretty sure that jesters always are.

Wow! This picture is awesome. I love the racial combination, the horned mask effect, the tarot and his athletic clothes. Makes me want to go Atavian ;-)

More atavians please.


With one pair of wings, not two or three. ;)

wow this is amazing

I absolutely adore this Jester look.

Me too. I wish some game had jester knights!

 I love it, great pic





Not Aeon and Hangedman? ;) Those normally would be the cards being dual flung from the Devil tarot...but certainly good artwork.

Makes the Jester look dark and scary rather than silly and fluffy. Kudos!

great art work

the nose and horns are a mask aren't they?


Amazing design, the pose, skill use. And the clothes are absolutely breathtaking, loose-fitting and showy but not silly. Makes me proud to be a jester.

This is boss.


I don't know a thing about Achaea and I doubt I ever will, but I love the art that I keep seeing. This is incredible. I also love the winglie-types, and this makes them look badass.

Winglie types!

Very nice.

I approve so hard.

The outfit is awesome, very medieval traditional-esque. With some personal twists, of course.

No comment.

But you made one.

For the creddies, like this one.

I thought you said cookies there. I wish I got cookies for posting.


Also nice art.




no more cookies in Cyrene.

You get cookies for logging in. You can't eat them though, unless you want to have to log back in again.