Achaean Atavian

MMO Jester Class

This is a depiction of an Atavian from the text game Achaea. In this case the Atavian has taken on the class of a Jester, and is obviously using his skills to unleash a bit of MUD game butt whoopin. Chris Bourassa is the artist once again!


I see!

Pretty atavian jester, I wants. <3

I want to see an alchemist now, heh

Please guys? Can we get one? Yes?

This is really beautiful

Atavian jester... stunning


not bad


You make it sound as if it was only decent, it's AWESOME!!

Magician and the Fool, teehee, Rider-Waite Traditional.

One of the lamest we ever had! :D

And also, does the site have an area for all these really cool pictures they have? I want to see them all!

Underneath the arty part, and the descripty part below that, there's a little box (it's grey for me) that says Chris Bourassa. Click it and it'll take you to a list of all his pics. They're pretty awesome, but not a lot of Lusternian ones yet.



so I don't know anything about Achaea, Atavians, or what class this is supposed to be, but I think this is a really awesome picture. One of my favorites of the bunch.

atavians are pretty much winged humans.


Looks delightfully evil.

He doesn't look nice, not one bit at all.

he's up for trouble!

Reminds me of the Trill. Granted a whimsical deadly Trill, but a Trill none the less. I also love the mask, where can I get one like his?

my first two characters were atavian.... may go back with these latest changes

......and the bomb goes boom

I don't like the mask, I don't like the sleeves... I mean, I can't make art on this level, but stylistically this does not vibe with me. Then again, I think jesters are pretty stupid, ICly and OOCly. (and likely by design)

very nice I like it

I expected something different. Nice picture though.


I've seen this picture half a dozen times but this is the first time I noticed the bomb in his left hand.



those are the most amazing pantaloons I have ever seen

this is tempting me to a new class/race combination


Great piece of art! Atavian in flight ... jester type clothing and he's using some tarot! Excellent role-play involved for this piece indeed. It depicts very well what could actually be in the game. He's got armour, he's using his skills and has a bomb in hand ready to go! I wouldn't imagine a jester any differently. Great work!

Hands down my favorite piece of art Chris had made for IRE, so awesome

The detail in this is really impressive. The tarot cards, the armour/clothing, mask and bomb. All of it is spectacular! The wings I really like too. They're well proportioned yet not so profound that they take all the attention in this piece. Again, amazing!

interesting, I visioned an Atavian a bit different

Me too - I always thought of them as more delicate....his wings look like they would struggle to get him off the ground.


Although he could probably get away with saying "Gordon's alive?" but would have to give it his best Brian Blessed voice

This is my favorite. That is all :)

This is just cool. 


Now this is a good piece of artwork, and easily recognized as Achaean.


Pretty impressive

Very nice!



I played an Atavian once. He had a thing for his sister.

I have never liked the mask on this character. Just my opinion, I mean, there's not anything WRONG with it, I just don't like it. No jive.

Great picture, well done!


I was really confused about the looks until I saw in the comments this is a Jester. Never played Achaea, seems like a funky class.


I had a jester once. He's long gone now but it was a lot of fun. Love this picture it looks really cool. Never played an atavian. Might have try if I get some spare time.

Love it!

But in my mind Atavians are prettier that that.

He's wearing a mask isn't he? So hard to tell how pretty he is.