Achaean Atavian

MMO Jester Class

This is a depiction of an Atavian from the text game Achaea. In this case the Atavian has taken on the class of a Jester, and is obviously using his skills to unleash a bit of MUD game butt whoopin. Chris Bourassa is the artist once again!




Awesome pic!

This looks great and has some amazing details

a mix of twisted fate and shaco from LoL

I like the fact it gives a different impression of what Atavians could look like (read: not always archangel like in appearance). Every time I look at it though I keep spotting the tiny hands and go, "Oh, could be female...wearing chunky armour". Anything goes for the Jester though! Awesome work.




Cool picture

Absolutely brilliant.

This looks wonderful


I've always loved this picture


but its not the picture that I have of an Atavian in my head.


Me either but I think a Jester throwing tarot would change our view on any race.

Definitely my favorite of the new IRE art.



I looked through some more of his DA stuff...there's some awesome Warhammer illustrations!

I like this one

Tarot is so much cooler with laser cards!

well done, was surprised by the horns but is well drawn

Kinda makes me wanna try Jester.

Even I'm wanting to try Jester, now!


Love it!!!!

The mask was a nice touch.

the details are great.

this guy looks fabulous.

and is that a bomb in his other hand?  Wicked.


wow yea dude :D

all have faces like that or is it wearing a mask?

so I assume he's wearing a kind of mask typical for that

That'd be pretty scare / weird otherwise.

only the nose ruins it for me

those wings would never cary him otherwise.

Well of course, I mean.. I haven't seen that many people fling tarot cards either.


nice one

Amazing picture, the colours and the details are incredible.

Just a little creepy but good

Having wings is so nice, even though I have mine through a guild skill. Flying has saved my ass a few times.

I actually really like the jester depiction more then the fact it is an atavian

he's wearing a mask or lots of makeup, right? 


So much talent I will never possess.  Beautiful.

I more like this representation of jesters then anything else


I agree, one doesn't think mask on the first look and it made me think harpy instead of Atavian. It's a nice pic overall, though.

The tarot cards look wicked