Achaean Atavian

MMO Jester Class

This is a depiction of an Atavian from the text game Achaea. In this case the Atavian has taken on the class of a Jester, and is obviously using his skills to unleash a bit of MUD game butt whoopin. Chris Bourassa is the artist once again!


I agree, pretty awesome looking, wish I could draw half as well as I can write, heh.

Beautiful art, thank you for sharing.

those boots look uncomfortable

This right here makes me less upset to lose to jesters in spars.

Very cool.

Hey! That's me!

We had masks and other such items for constant use.

More of a tribute to Jesters than atavians. Serpent next please!

Credit comment.

well done.

jester i guess

Looks like a mix with a satyr.

My trillness is sooooo much better.





I certainly like it!