Aetolia Shirt Design

Aetolia Shirt Design

This is the draft for the official Aetolia text games t-shirt. Let's face it guys, this rocks beyond all reason. Once again, our super artist Chris Bourassa has come up with this for us.


I want this. Just... that sums it up. I want this, a lot.

Totally. I cannot wait to get them printed up on some shirts. They will be incredible.

Red, with a skull. A must have.

Crazyness, I would think its for a band.

Your title is red! I am curious why.


He's an admin person thingy.

If they made one of these for Achaea, I would totally buy one and come out of the closet about my mud playing and wear it everywhere.  I would probably never wash it and wear it till the day I die.

buy them as Christmas or birthday presents for all the kids in the family.  Beautiful!


I want it, badly!

I should get one for my brother too, for xmas.. will they be ready before xmas?

Unless we hit some kind of crazy snag, we will have them for sale on the websites before the end of October.

Don't forget Imperianites, as we are waaaay better than those Aetolia wannabes

I have a couple Imperian designs we are deciding on now. Pretty much a done deal for them. Looking hot.

I'll take seven!

I'm not sure the other games can compare with this. Nice job!

Holy crap. Achaea BETTER get something just as awesome! ;)

The Achaea one looks pretty dang hot too. We are just getting a small font change on it, and then I will post it here as well.

Can has?

I waaaaant D:

I don't even play Aetolia and I want that....


Makes me want to play Aetolia just so I can sport that cool frickin' shirt...



It's almost enough to draw me back to Aet from MKO... almost!


I would definatly buy it.


Can't wait for it to be ready for sale.


Very nice

Looks like an awesome shirt, I hope the Imperian one will be just as nice 

I agree with Siath. Great shirt. Cant wait to see the Imperian shirt.

wow! scary.

it's ok

Nice Design!





Hm. A little too 'rock 'n' roll' for me, but its still a good design.

It certainly is a design that has talent behind it, but it really feels more like a band shirt and less like it has much to do with Aetolia.

Awesome logo, but I wouldn't be surprised if many onlookers just assume it's a metal band shirt

Masters of Death Metal Text Games.

Nothing wrong with that. Set 'em straight and hope to get a new recruit.

I like the design


This is sure badass

It is!


Oh, IRE. You showed us this shirt design like... what... a year ago? And still haven't delivered anything? Much like everything else you ever do (or, rather, fail to do). I bet if you put a few hours into actually doing something useful with the thousands of dollars you swindle from your players every month, you could make this happen in two weeks.

really wants his t-shirt

Maybe I'll get one for conventions and when someone walks up and says, oh you play that mud, I'll go, "Nah, I'm in a rockband."


Added to my Christmas List... ere, Celesmas List!

Any more for the other games?


Very cool!

I don't see it.


Not quite my choice of art, however it is a good piece with nice detail. My fiancee would probably go for buying one though! Great work!