Aetolia Shirt Design

Aetolia Shirt Design

This is the draft for the official Aetolia text games t-shirt. Let's face it guys, this rocks beyond all reason. Once again, our super artist Chris Bourassa has come up with this for us.


Should get a few double-takes on the street.

great design, it looks pretty dark and bloody gruesome. Can't wait to see them on the streets

Good looking design it would make a good addition to my tshirt collection.

I like the design very nice

Very cool


decent design

Awesome, what does the Lusternia one look like??

Resurrect the Achaea suicide mouse merch! It seemed to have disappeared before I could snag any of it!

Whoops. Forgot about Google. Though I seem to remember an older one with the mouse looking like a pierced-up pirate bilge rat. Does anyone remember/have a jpg of that? I'd so love to find that...

Suicide mouse?

An advanced Jester ability in the Pranks skill.

People will think it's a band t-shirt. It's awesome

Hrm... smells like Cacophony.

Hrm... smells like Cacophony.

Yes, that design, only saying JAGREROX!


Whar's muh Lusternia t-shirts? I will has buy merch

do they have these for all the realms?

I want one for MKO..but not sure what it would say. "Midkemia" might be copyrighted..

"What's Aetolia?"

"A metal band."

"Oh right, I think I know those guys."

in Cleveland back in '05. So epic.


Waiting for Lusternia...

Likewise, likewise.

death metal band shirt

Awesome! And almost as cool as the Achaea t-shirt design!

*headbangs*  Aetolia would actually make a good band name.

Cool shirt.

Must say the AET and LIA made me think of Aetous and Lianca of Achaea at first >.>


Have these been printed onto anything yet?


it looks very angry, not sure i'd actually want to wear it

Fantastic design, very nice!

I love, it suits the game.

First I'd ever heard of IRE shirts. Is there a Lusternia one somewhere?

Looks pretty nice. Though I hardly played Aetolia...

haha, it does kind of look like a band shirt design.

certainly bloody.

a death metal design..

Looks better than the achaea one.


Makes me want to play Aetolia instead just so I can proudly flaunt this shirt. Lucky! :)

Damn, that is awesome.

I'd wear one.

that design is probably quite appropriate for the game

:O want


is it soo dark?

I want a t-shirt with a kid rage smashing their laptop, with the slogan, "This ain't your father's MUD."

I don't play, but I'd totally wear that.

is this still in the pipeline? or is it now under discretion by zazzle?

looks alright I spose.

i think i prefer the lady vamp at the homepage

Nice! That's actually really nicely done. I normally don't appreciate design quite like this, but in particular? I actually like it.

One Shirt to Rule Them All.