Bard of Imperian

RPG Elven Bard

This is an Elven Bard from the fantasy RPG text game world of Imperian and is one of my personal favorites. Art by Chris Bourassa.



This is some beautiful work by Chris Bourassa.  You could easily do illustrations for WotC; thanks for sharing you talent with IRE!

This is how I've always imagined bards like that in Achaea as well. :)

It's Imps bard!!

This illustration si really excellent, I really like the quite evil grin that bard seems to have. *thumbsup*

Whoa, this guy's cool. I like his bird.

Very Colorful. Excellent work.

yes, the colouring is spectacular!


agreeing to my argree...I is in argreement.

KILL IT WITH FIRE!!! >_< Awesome artwork though, NoT?

Nope, it's Imperian so it's not NoT.


it burns

All I can see is air guitar, but I like it!

Be excellent to each other

more likely air-lute

or even air-mandolin

I didn't see that until now!


Looks very Tricksy!

Doesn't look like a hobbit at all!


oh wow :) this is a handsome fellow.

yes he is!

I want one.

Sweet bird, bro!

This reminds me of the 'bard' collegium quest in the Serenwilde. Have to convince the songbirds to sing to you.

Beautiful art, and even though I do not play Imperian myself I can see the amount of effort put into this.

damn straight!

Hey it's my first profession. Though I don't remember looking so....let's call it flamboyant.


Yeah, whatever you say, Lady Fishbird.

This is exactly a bard in front of kinsarmar, how i'd imagine it anyway.

Very nicely done!

Great work again!


Very nice colouring

When text comes to life like this

I like how this drawing is different from the others.  It's happier maybe.  Anyway they are all really good!

This bard from Imperian looks great! I love the little song bird and his harp and other instruments, along with all the colours used in the illustration.

and bracers of style

and upbeat for imperian I think

pretty fruity, just like a thought!

He's a bard and an elf, I don't think it's possible to draw him any other way. Anyhow, the brighter colours make a nice contrast to the other portraits.

I found Imperian bards to be very interesting.

Very good. Almost wierd to see something so light and happy looking with all the other darker and more intense artwork.

What I like here is the humor captured in this artwork, like his posture or the smirk on his face. And this complemented with the castle in the background where the dimensions and angles seem a bit off but adding to the ambiance of the image.

A different world!

Very nice depiction of an elven bard! He looks quite mischievous for sure, as bards can be at times, yet civilized in his attire. He's got his instruments with him as he should, as well as the very showy ears of an elf should have.  Great piece!

Definitely one of the lighter and more fun pieces for Imperian, and I think rather appropriately places a Bard in front of the Amethyst City. Now you just need a bunch of trebuchets on the hilltop pointing directly at that spot and a stone totem that says Nasr. Or maybe that's so two years ago...

Though the art is excellent, I am not a fan of this character in particular.

waay less dark than the others.  Bards look happy!