Bard of Imperian

RPG Elven Bard

This is an Elven Bard from the fantasy RPG text game world of Imperian and is one of my personal favorites. Art by Chris Bourassa.


My Eyes..... My Eyes.... Its burnt out my eyes... the sheer... gayness of it!

Um, is there something about multicolored birds in Imperian? Does anyone from Impy know?


Like all of Chris' work. I feel that I shouldn't like this one but I do anyway.

I wish we had such full classes like this in MKO> Laurie was a huge figure in the novels, and I can see Bard becoming a full class, or being expanded beyond just being able to play songs and such. 


Laurie wasn't a bard in the imperian/dnd sense. He was more of a swashbuckling swordsman, in his martial skills at least.

Hmm, not bad. I have not played imperian before, but I have looked into it some, and I do not recall there being elves to choose as a race. Maybe I'm wrong? I will have to look into a bit further it seems

seems like a happy carefree Bard

I like. That bird is bright.

I like the picture!


looks very dangerous.

Can bards make your head explode in Imperian like they can in Lusternia?

I think of every elf as looking this smug.

only bards have evil grins and are up for mischief.

Careful, he might dual wield the the lrye and the lute.

maybe it is a lyre and an artifact lyre?

A very cheerful picture!

i always thought this guy was achaean.

well, handaxe is quite popular for imp bards.

...not serious-face Link! Minus all the fun weapons and shield.

Though it seems slightly far fetched.

and I love bards

Very different work compared to the rest. Still pretty.

Doesn't matter gay sex

I love the little song bird companion. Great stuff!

A bit too goody goody for me.

you can tell that he isn't from Achaea. Too many instruments, not enough rapier

Good point!  He needs a rapier.  It would have been cool to see the rendering of one "song-blessed."

Not exactly how I imagined bards, but I do like it!

I'd like to see a Magnagoran bard wielding a wicked chord instrument! I'm imagining Kerry King right now... BC Rich, tattoos... fat arse...

Too bright and cheerful! It fills me with a sense of dread!

Seriously, amazing.

looks like a rock star!!!

... strumming arm?

if you look closely, his right arm is thinner than his left.

I like this one!

I wonder if he's friends with Legolas...just curious.

Awesome artwork, as usual.  I wish bards in Achaea could wear armour like that, all we get is leather.

The birds are a nice addition, though not sure if I'm feeling these particular boots for a bard - they seem so jestery!

and then his soul was ripped out by an evil demoner.

so flambouyant! So perfect.

I like the art, its very awesome but I prefer a darker motif (a mandolin to the side of the head). Then again, bards are supposed to be all flamboyant and charming- and you just gotta love those pants. We need more satyrs in Achaea, btw.. with flutes.


bright for Imperian, no?

I'm kinda stuck between 'yes' and 'no'. Its well done, but don't think I'm feeling it for the purpose.

I'm kinda stuck between 'yes' and 'no'. Its well done, but don't think I'm feeling it for the purpose.

One of my favorites too.


That is so pretty. I wish I could digitally paint like that :(
But alas, art eludes me.  

That is a nice piece of work. I agree with Lorina, I wish I could do that.

Nicely done, if a bit spoony looking