Bard of Imperian

RPG Elven Bard

This is an Elven Bard from the fantasy RPG text game world of Imperian and is one of my personal favorites. Art by Chris Bourassa.


it's legolas!

class in imperian

I like the happiness of it in a world that is usually so dark.

I like his expression

so flambouyant... wouldn't mind playing that

Should I feel bad if I don't even have any clue who Legolas is?

too bad it's an elf.



Pretty cool!

Somehow I always imagined bards without any armour but their wits. I like the stitched pants. Respect for the effort.



why is he tiptoeing on one foot?

bells on the feet lol


I like the detail on the lyre.

Patchwork pants on fire.

Looks nice.

I love it!

I think this artist is becoming my new favorite fantasy artist.

Great picture; like seeing it around all the time in the articles!

It's a bit too happy looking for my taste, I always think of IRE bards as being more war minstrel than having Disney birds flying around them. Doesn't detract from the quality of the artwork though.