Caentoi Necromancer

MMO Necromancer

Caentoi are a unique race in Aetolia MUD. This one has taken on the class of a necromancer, and let's face it, necromancers pretty much rock. What do you think of this bad boy that has been cooked up by Chris Bourassa? Leave your comments below.


I don't play as much Aetolia as I used to but that looks badass.

Would not want to be on the wrong side of this MMORPG Necromancer class.

This looks really sick.

Great colors!


awesome sick!

awesome sick!


looks scary.

Obviously didn't get enough affection as a child.

This IRE art is looking awesome

OMG!  love it!

Awesome, love the colours and dark tones of this piece. :)


Kinda looks gnollish. Or maybe Ratish?


Also, We need more Loboshigaru art.



I am jealous..

I like the art, looks pretty awesome.


Only problem I see is that Necromancers in Aetolia, at least as of the moment, do not control hoards of skeletal armies as this image seems to imply.

Well, clearly they need to start.

the art and actual skills have little bearing on one another


still awsome though

You are not a necromancer without a horde

Looks pretty badass, it does.

This might make me try Aetolia

We got necromancers aswell! :D

That is a really cool picture.



Damn that looks sweet!

Looks just like I would envision it!

Aetolia, to me, just can't get away from really standard archetypes. For once, let's just have a necromancer riding a pony. No skeletons, no darkness.


(Doesn't change that this is awesome).

Necromancers don't summon ponies. Just saying.

You've clearly never read LFG. The point has, indeed, been missed.

To kill them...

To kill them...

Necromancers really are cool...despite it being a disgusting and usually evil art :<

But also cool!


I love the class, it brings out the dark side in a small few, yet some it does not.


It's a necromancer!! ^^


That's pretty awesome. Wish they had that race when I played Aetolia.

good stuff here


Now that is a face only a mother can love!

this is dark.

Looks pretty awesome

no thumbs, it appears to have to claw at everything to hold it.


Okay, maybe I need to give Aetolia another try...

This looks totally epic and badass.

Looks painful

Not nice indeed. Beautiful though

Looks quite...uh, appealing, in  a twisted way