Caentoi Necromancer

MMO Necromancer

Caentoi are a unique race in Aetolia MUD. This one has taken on the class of a necromancer, and let's face it, necromancers pretty much rock. What do you think of this bad boy that has been cooked up by Chris Bourassa? Leave your comments below.


heh.... If you say soo... That sure isnt a pretty sight to me.

^ This

But what is it?

I think they're horse people.

Love the eye on the hand and skull on the belt.


a very nice touch.

What a badass picture.

This is great!







Looks pretty kickass!

It looks like an eye.

Yeah, it's an eye! I wonder if he can send it around to view the world with.

Do the green eyes mean he can see in the dark?


Jackal person necromancer? Yes, I say.

But it looks cool, and evil, and has an eye in its hand. I'm hoping that's a necro thing and not a Tarpen thing?

That Tarpen Necromancer looks fierce! Love all the details, like the hazy skull in the backround with the moon as an eye. Great work! I should check out Aetolia.

Thanks for pointing it out, it's cool!

It's pretty cool, I like the shading of the colors.

That green eye on his hand is awesome.

Wicked artwork!

but it's cool

Too bad you can't play a Tarpen. I'd totally rock a Tarpen Indorani if I could look like that dude.

Looks pretty darn awesome


Very cool. What does a tarpen look like when not all undead? Is it like a jackal?

This piece is great and looks just evil enough to cover the job of a necromancer for sure! Very nice piece from the artist and again quite a bit of role-play involved in the piece which is nice to see.


This one is all kinds of awesome. The eyeball on the hand is wicked creepy.


The undead skeleton warriors make it awesome


Gonna give me nightmares for a bit

first time I've seen incantations or what not placed so conveniently. Very cool!

that describe this as "badass", and I agree with all of them


Wow. That's really well done. I often consider playing aetolia and achea, but its too big for me

what this is, but it looks cool  Is it a dog thing?


That picture is cool

Oooh scary, love it.

I've never played Aetolia, but that's some really awesome artwork.

Do a playable race (IMPS IMPS IMPS IMPS) next!

All the awesome artworks is too much to handle.  But don't stop!

what's a tarpen?

So I have it as the desktop pic on my mobile phone.

but somehow I just noticed the giant skull in the background. I thought it was smoke or something.

i wanna meet that Tarpen.

i wanna meet that Tarpen.

i wanna meet that Tarpen.

Man, my computer is totally wonky right now.