Caentoi Necromancer

MMO Necromancer

Caentoi are a unique race in Aetolia MUD. This one has taken on the class of a necromancer, and let's face it, necromancers pretty much rock. What do you think of this bad boy that has been cooked up by Chris Bourassa? Leave your comments below.


great art

Probably one of my favorite pieces of art he's done.

Beyond the fact that the art is always lovely (because it always is), the subject matter is dandy as well. What can I say, I like the fuzzy sort of creepy individuals.


does this mean that necromancy does undead in Aetolia?

+1 wish i could draw :D

infused to the face?

The picture looks as if he is raising undead creatures up to fight for him. I think I am rather happy that necromancers in achaea can't do that. Can necromancers in other games do that?

I love the face! Great work!!

Need more undead legions.

just how mny furry races are there between all the games

Fantastic artwork, as usual

I haven't yet played Midkemia, but that's a pretty sweet picture I gotta say. That race looks awesome ><


so much message spam...



the skull in the sky

with necromancers and similarities to goats?

really cool looking

Very fearsome looking! Great art! :)

the skeleton on his left leg looks like it's cowering.

what that is but I want it!

Oooh, I didn't even notice the skull in the sky before. Very cool.

Is this just Aetolia's take on Achaea's Apostates? Because it looks downright mean.


Perhaps it's the fact that you get to do what you want.
Perhaps it's being able to give the middle finger to society.
Most likely, perhaps I haven't matured out of my angsty teen stage yet!

Whatever it is, Chris Bourassa has captured it.

I like the eye in its hand. Cool touch. I'm guessing that's a necromancer feature

I would like to see a necromancer without the skulls and bones and all. a true psychopath, wielding a teddy bear.

Just Yikes not a friendly face that is for sure.





no teddybear necromancers please



This is the best picture Ive seen posted.  I saw a few color comments on my way to the bottom.  Agree.

This is the best picture Ive seen posted.  I saw a few color comments on my way to the bottom.  Agree.

Wicked is just the right word.

This is awesome, it reminds me of my old Vampire army from Warhammer

this is the first time for me to realize there's a skull silhouette, heh.

Jack sparrow!!!