Demon Battle

Demon Battle Boss Fight MMORPG

The Demon Battle image was created by Chris Bourassa for the MMORPG, Midkemia Online.



wow that must be one brave uhm paladin?

also this thing can't really fly can it? too much mass for those tiny wings..

appear to be large enough to get it off the ground to some extent. So maybe aiding it in jumping and limited gliding would appear to be reasonable. And yea, one brave warrior.

It's not a paladin, it's a Priest. He's possibly Dulanic/Brother Micah fighting the demon-thingy from the novel Silverthorn.

Wait, people actually use hammers in Midkemia? Sweet!

Makes you wanna play, doesn't it? I know I do.

Priests / paladins / other holy types with big ass hammers and maces = win.

what they said about bumblebees....untl they filmed one in slow motion. If you haven't seen it before, watch it. Pretty cool.

Very nice work



Very nice.

holy cow. its my mother in law. and this is a picture of how thanksgiving ends up every year.




You the warrior fighting her off? Or just an innocent by stander slaughtered?

she's the warrior ;-)

great fantasy drawing. dig the warrior killing dragon thing.




:) always.. 

It's a very cool picture.

Cool picture.

I love this picture, but it's a bit dark.





It's way too dark. Lighten things up a bit, and get some contrasting colors. From my usual distance the only thing I can really make out with clarity is a giant hammer

It could use more contrast

Yes, the contrast is screwy, but I do like the scope.

I like the epic feel.

Hmm maybe.

I think it's supposed to be gloomy, afterall it's in the demonrealm! ^^

If you find it too dark just look at it against a black background.

you can tell that it isn't achaea because the paladin isn't using rapiers

Haha! Too true.

Ugh. I would kill to be able to paint like that.

Congrats to the artist!

For some reason I think more warhammer than Achaea.

I concurr. Very nice picture, though.

I like it and though I don't think it's too "dark"...I think it needs more colors, any other dark colors just to add some contract to it.

Ditto the warhammer comment. Very cool picture though!


I think he might be compensating for something, seriously if he moves his feet at all he'll need to.

That thing is bizarre looking even for a demon.

that is a great picture. Great work with the light, too.

This is one of my favorites that I've seen so far. Thanks for sharing.

Very nice, I like the demon


wow that is amazing

Isn't smashing your opponent's knees with an oversized hammer generally disrespected? Anyway, awesome drawing.


good point!


+1 Ditto.

Always sweep the legs.

Anyway those hammers are throwing weapons

Personally, if/when I fight a demon, I am not going to care who frowns upon me. If I can walk away from a melee battle with a demon twice my size, I will simply tell them "You go do it WITHOUT crippling it."