Demon Battle

Demon Battle Boss Fight MMORPG

The Demon Battle image was created by Chris Bourassa for the MMORPG, Midkemia Online.


Another great piece of work, Chris! Love the glowing hammer.

I really like how this is drawn. I think the dark might be overpowering, but the hammer is drawn perfectly



I agree as well.

This deserves to be made into a mural! It's stunning! I'm curious to check out Midkemia and learn more about the Demon battle!

This is a super cool piece of art

Very much

So people use 2 handed weapons in Lusternia?

This is an especially epic piece.


Great artwork again. It is a bit dark though. hard to see the details of the demons face.

Nuffin more to say, it just is.


Yes a bit dark, but I love it!

What she said.

Fantastic Job!

glowing hammer time

If only hammers were a valid weapon in Achaea, we could have nice things.

and seriously, race weapons. Give rajas flaming catnip, picks and chisels to dwarf, possibilities?


Makes me want to play Midkemia.

Warhammer is pretty awesome.

With the Hammer of Tholin.

nice piece, but a bit dark to see the detail that needs to be appreciated in this for sure. I believe it was an attempt to make better show of the hammer itself and took away from the rest of the artwork. Either way, it's a very nice piece in deed.


Also .. did anyone notice the boobs on that demon?!

had to look close but hey your right.  nice pic.

uummmm, errrr


I wouldn't say it's too dark, unless it's an issue of 'not being able to see the picture.'  I love how the rendering of the colors and tints make you really look hard for details that are clearly there.


Anyone know if the building in the background has significance?

The building in the background would be Sarth Abbey, it's significant in that it has an extensive library, and that it's where that fight is set.

Niiice. Yay CINNAMON! *bounce*



my vote goes to the brave warrior fighting the demon.  demon snack in the end? Great Artwork!

female demon on pms?  this one had breasts




Can you use two handed weapons to effect? Cause in achaea, you're stuck with five types of weapons that are any use at all.


Would suck if it's the same in MKO, cause then you could never be as bouty as the guy in that picture.


Balrog of Moria!

Pretty awesome enough for me to want to go back onto my Priest alt and fight this mob IG. Is it a mob in MKO?

To make me try this game! Hmm. I'll have to look into it a bit more.

very nice

absolutely awe inspiring work, its just amazing

hammer looks about to deal out some serious holy damage

Need more art like this!

I need to read Raymond Feist. I don't want to play Midkemia without having read an actual Midkemia novel.

but nice.

great work.

Not much of a Demon, he obviously never met one :)


If you call that a demon, then it must be an annunaki on earth in battle with what looks to be a grecian 

Iooks awesome! I should try and read the rift war books sometime

it looks epic!!


suddenly every thing looks like a nail

This is so epic.