Demon Battle

Demon Battle Boss Fight MMORPG

The Demon Battle image was created by Chris Bourassa for the MMORPG, Midkemia Online.







I have considered giving MKO a try, but I haven't read any of the books. That, and I'm kinda hooked on Achaea at the moment :)

That's my problem too, though I did finally buy the first Midkemia book so I can fix that soon.

It's not my piece of art.

That looks great! Dark and foreboding

I like


I love how amorphous and disgusting the monster looks. Great job!

that's cool.



Srsly. Look at it.

hammers are so cool and so unusable

the demon is awesome

I had to zoom in to see it properly but I love the demon.

That is a very fat demon.

one of my favourites of Chris' for sure.

will make him fall.

That is one ugly demon.


Creepy looking demon, but really awesome artwork!

Very lovely!

Go Demon

would like to see it on a shirt

look.. uneffective.

Looking at this makes me wonder what kind of demons that world has, and if more than one which that one is.

I like the priest, but the demon is not my type of demon.. 

Looks great

Is this some specific scene from the book or lore? Specific person or demon? I must find it in MKO and re-enact!



Demon battle!

is the creepiest part

smackdown time

That picture gives me chills.  Great work!

Makes me want to play a priest in MKO again.  Are books still crazy expensive? Looks like he may have bought a cheap robe to pay for his other gear. ( Not knocking the robe, I like it.)

gotta hate those nurgle demons

once, i got so drunk i read the title as "demon bottle"...

Sick picture

Seriously, If I were going to fight that thing, I'd be wanting more than just a hammer. Plus she looks kinda squishy, blunt damage wouldn't be my first choice.