Dragons of Achaea


Lets face it, in the MMORPG Achaea you can become a dragon, and what the heck is better than that? This amazing piece of fantasy dragon art comes from Chris Bourassa.


Good artwork.  I think we all picture the dragons slightly differently but that's not a bad thing.

ideas on what they look like. This is a really great one though!

I think all dragons might be slightly different to begin with, too. It'd be boring if they all looked alike!


That's pretty awesome

I'll have it in mind next time I meet up with my mentor, who is a Dragon.

and stuff


nice pic

Can we have a picture of azuhim too?

Another really good piece. Though the way the eyes and nostrils glow and match the breath creeps me out! I feel like the dragon's head is just a hollow skin covered skull filled with glowing, acidic smoke.

Do we have horns? I'll have to check later....

very cool dragon, though not what I'd pictured. love it!

Pretty awesome picture, this one.

This is wonderful!


OoO dragon! I think someone needs a hug

I'd be a dragon. Sure.

Lach, your part dragon, so what's the difference?? we breathe fire, and can't fly unless it's on our mounts, or we get faeling wings.. :P

meh, not too achaean




Dragons are awesome



This is a really neat piece, but not quite how I pictured the dragons of Achaea. The head and body are a bit strange to me for what I have though of as dragons for a while. I've seen them depicted as many things however and this one is very cool as well! Nice work on what looks to be a Black Dragon of Achaea.

Do you mind warming up my Kawhe? ... thank you muchly. 


Very good artwork!

While I like this picture, I don't think it accurately depicts the dragons of Achaea.

I just love everything about the dragon's head. Nice work, Chris!

That's a great piece of artwork

I do not like the face very much, no emotion, doesn't feel like a intelligent\sentient greater dragon

I never had the resilience to get to you.

Aaaand now I remember why I like dragons.

Dragons sure are cool. I'd like to see pictures of the other colors of Dragons, too!


Thats an awesome picture with great detail



Can I poke it?

I'll be a dragon some day...maybe

I don't think many of Achaean dragons are very fearsome. 

more than the other ones he does

I've always pictured dragons in Achaea looking like this...

im still working on it...

Very cool pic, but mehself, I prefer Blue.

hopefully I join the ranks soon

Awesome art! But agreed, not how I picture dragons. Would be interesting to see everyone's take on what they thought the dragons would look like.

Same here, I didn't have this idea of them.

Very pretty

Let's just hope to get to dragon soon!