Dragons of Achaea


Lets face it, in the MMORPG Achaea you can become a dragon, and what the heck is better than that? This amazing piece of fantasy dragon art comes from Chris Bourassa.


Not exactly like I picture the Achaean Dragons (mostly the face), but awesome nonetheless!

nice piece of art though

a seriously badass face! :O

That it is.


Seconded. That is some maw.

It's not distinctly Achaean, but still a good piece of art.



hey nice avatar.



This ^^


I could imagine a dragon from maybe Mhaldor or Ashtan looking like that, but none of the other cities.


No tattoos

Pretty cool rendition of a green dragon


I agree

Soooon. Though I think that's a..Black Dragon. Dark and has the horn structure from the D&D version. Either way...well done

Sure isn't Rinzai, that's for sure. I just can't see him being that menacing.

thats probably cause you're his friend...


That is kind of what I thought when I first saw it too.


I remember, way back when, it seemed like just about every Dragon in Achaea was a monk. If I'd known they looked like THAT, the jumpkicks, uppercuts, and backbreakers would have been a whole lot scarier.

Now I'm imagining a 10-foot-tall dragon going Jackie Chan on someone....

I'd not want to be on the receiving end of any punch or kick of that dragon.


Like the cartoon 'American Dragon'! But these are better.

not sure that's how I pitcure them :)

Chris has some amazing talent. This deserves to be a wall poster.

no huge bulk hm..

Nice picture! Not sure if it is exactly how I'd imagine one of those dragons, guess I'll have a close look at their desc again next time I see one.


That looks like me before my first cup of tea!!



I agreee, Very Nice.

Awesome artwork of a dragon! I can't wait to get to lvl 99!

I'll bet you get there before me too! lol

... steady, Imperiate!

i've pretty much accepted i'll never see dragon.  Getting Logosian right now is the never ending dream, and that isn't looking good either.

Just too bouncy, I guess, to focus on going for dragon, or even Logosian. And I'm really not that far off from that one

since seeing this pic this is how I see dragons in game. soon....

Makes you think twice about making one mad after seeing this picture.

It's a cool picture.

nice pic of a dragon.  i did have a design in mind but this one is cool


I love how the breath glows. Black dragons have acid breath, and to see it glow makes it way cooler than just some corrosive smoking vomit.

Very cool.

Nice pic

Great pic, love the detail of it and how I can see individual scales on its body. Rather intimindating and dark it is.

Nice art work.

Never accepting cookies from dragons again

> aspects unfortunately.

aww, you discouraged me :(

Quite a common dragon

Looks rather wicked