Dragons of Achaea


Lets face it, in the MMORPG Achaea you can become a dragon, and what the heck is better than that? This amazing piece of fantasy dragon art comes from Chris Bourassa.


Not what I imagine them to look like in my head but still very nice.

another good one from chris. keep it up.

Now whenever I see Dalavan romping around, I'll think of this.

Yay dragons. That's cool.

Spinier than I picture Eschi in dragon. Also blacker.

ugh... can't wait to reach dragon...

Oh how I wish we got something as awesome as Dragons..

I'd rather we get a pic from Chris depicting an Aspect!

Long way to become one..

Oh man. Dragons are ridiculous, but becoming a dragon is a ridiculous process so, I think they deserve it. Haha.

Dragons are just too much.

Very nice

This is one fierce dragon! Great work.

It's nothing without butterfly wings.

What color dragon is represented in this picture I wonder? Someone said black earlier but I origionally thought green. Hmm

Or one more picture with two dragons fighting.

If only to say I have a pet dragon like this. Or maybe "Sic'em boy!"


Yes I know it's not a pet.

nos just imagine a bunch of them standing and talking idly in a city. It's much less intimidating


Seems most new dragons are blue, though. I blame the frost.

I`ve always thought being able to have an alternate form at max level in Lusty would be neat; now with typecast there`s a bit more RP justification for it, I suppose. Does that mean that everyone in Achaea is a dragon-blooded thing, I wonder?

Why not have pics of other colours? Would be nice to see.

i still like it enough to comment a second time

...the gift that keeps on giving (being a dragon, that is)!


Or you just like the credit it gives. 


Not how I picture dragons at all, but a cool concept.

like that in real life....yep!

Are they all like this?

that dragons fly with magic and not wings.


I will be a dragon. One day.

... paint some of the cooler colours? Like gold :D

Positively lovely artwork, though I agree that this isn't how I picture -most- dragons. Most. Some of the Mhaldorian dragons could certainly be that unsettling.

One day.....

it was one of my main features i loved of achaea... to bad I never made it there before discovering the wonderful world of demigods

one day.. one day I'll join that rank.

Neat picture.

Hard to think of players as dragons and being able to still do their normal skills if they look like this, but the artwork is incredible. I always enjoy his work.

maybe it's a green? possible Poison breath and green highlights.

Getting closer to Dragon!

I always imagined them with much, wiser, kinder, saucer round eyes. I could see this being Yudisthira if it was red. It looks less civilized than I would think a greater dragon would look.

Grudar: Yeah, in general I don't think they would ever look quite that aggressive or bestial unless attempting to intimidate someone. Perhaps taken drawn from a combat point of view?

All the people claiming this is an Ashtani or Mhaldorian dragon: I would not specifically attribute this to any particular city. Black scales, green breath (venom, I suppose) etc is your standard black dragon which anyone can become. It would be like saying that all gold dragons are Shallamese!

Love the detail

Interesting that you get an entire new skill set to play with once you hit that level. It's a bigger transformation than Lusternia's for sure, but it's funny to me to think that everyone is a secretly a baby dragon.

Oh my gods.. its Carmain! run...

Where could someone read up on all the different types of dragons and what dragonbreaths you get for each? When I get to that point I want to be sure of what colour I want to be... I really wanna be a green dragon mostly but black would be cool too.

nice, but not what I pictured it to be

One step closer!

Credit comment.

Another free boundy