Dwarf of Lusternia

RPG Dwarf Warrior

Straight from the text game world of Lusternia, here is a dwarf, from the the master, Chris Bourassa.


wow it must have taken ages to grow that beard of his. wonder how that axe fits into the sheath

Love this MMO Dwarf Warrior

Just like the Dwarven Priest, Chris Bourassa brings us another example of a badass Dwarf Warrior from our favourite MMORPGs by Iron Realms

This is very close to what I imagine my dwarf warrior to look like when I play him

He does have nice dwarf drawings.

The blunt end (the one without the limb chopping edges) goes into the sheath

the shaft of the axe goes down till you get to the metal.. and that looks awesome!

Of any game...bundled warrior fury in a tiny package.

typical sterotyped dwarf

Maybe, but aren't elves roughly sterotyped as well? It is their racial history to be warriors after all, and a fearsome sight on the battle field. A wall of chop happy, axe swinging midgets is a sight to be feared.

typical but still well drawn

yup, looks good though.


Can't help but wonder how he's supposed to bend his left arm.

Behind his beard is not a chin, but another axe.

It's a stereotypical dwarf, but nicely drawn.

not bad


I like it. I also like that he's a redhead.  Dwarves are so often portrayed with dark brown hair. Nothing wrong with that...just nice to have variety.

Probably why he is so angry!

So the axe fits easily.

Cool looking, but his hair is too well-groomed for my likes.

absolutely love this piece. It's a great display of a dwarves features and great detail on the armour and weapon for sure! I wish all the artwork was more like this in that it's very characteristic for what it's trying to represent.

Awesome depication of a dwarf. Personally I think the beard is his secret weapon,

i wish they'd show all the rest of the lusternian race artwork.

I imagine the axehead to be a little bigger but still, a very nice piece. Love the armor and full of dwarven fury.


Nice pic

he have a shark fin for a shoulder?

The most stereotyped race in all of lusternia. Poor things

We drawn, your typical dwarf.

the face is a bit cartoonish, but the rest is cool. Great equipment as always

Tipycal dwarf, nice drawing, little imagination.

Very nice! I especially like the attention to detail in the little hairs on the arm, and the depth given to the grooves on the shoulder pauldron.

are about half of his back.

Just the proportions of head and body seem a little too over the top for me.

The beard is not long enough.

should the beard be?

Well drawn and everything - kinda stereotypical, I guess, but I suppose the dwarves in Lusternia are.

Short, bearded, racial bonus for wielding axes, tolerance to drink (indeed -damage resistance- when drunk!), racial spec for Brewmiester... oh, and to top it off, they're called dwarves. Yes, there are elfen, but that's at least a -slight- difference (also they have green skin). Dwarves don't even get the justice of being called Clangoru. They're dwarves.

Definitely how I'd picture one of the dwarves!

I think he's my favourite of the dwarfs.  he's the missing eighth