Dwarf Priest of Achaea

Dwarf Priest from the MMO game Achaea

This image depicts a Dwarf priest standing astride a fight of dungeon stairs battling the undead.

The dwarf is one of the main player races in the free to play MMO game of Achaea. The Dwarves of Achaea were created by the god Phaestus and were given souls by Proteus.

You can learn more about the dwarf race on the Achaea website: http://www.achaea.com/info/races/dwarf


Priests have guardian angels that follow them in the game but I can see how this would be hard to translate into a drawing. Great artwork as always, Chris, thanks for these :)

We tried to get the angel into the image, but it was just not working out. Maybe this dwarf is just so awesome he just does not need it.

<<<my own xoran priest is missing an angel too

I always thought the angels were invisible

They always are seen in the room.

aspects of them are visible


They are kind of like... angel-shaped lights...


I'd always thought of them as annoying, fighting from the other side and all.


Posted 07 May, 0927 AEST

Fight could have gotten rough and angel had to sacrifice itself.


They can be both?

"Angel" is the name of his mace.

Maybe I'll give Achaea one last try.

no no, try imperian instead


I love this picture!

Ass! :D

very nice  picture! id love to see angels too hehe

That is an awesome picture.

...  an awesome picture. Captures the Azdun atmosphere quite nicely, too!

It is lovely

Very Nice!

Great Pic!!

I agree, very cool!

Double agree.

great artwork. I always imagined the mace to be a pretty big hammer, but then thats what WoW does to you. :/

Is that a book, on his side?

looks like it. Probably required for house advancement or something


maybe Lord Phaestus would prefer to see a flask of strong ale there!

That's his copy of the Codex.

That's a copy of "Holy diver" by Dio.

You can see his stripes but you know he's clean
Oh don't you see what I mean

Comes to the same thing, doesn't it?

No it is his map on areas to avoid and he didn't use it!

An awesome piece of art. Dwarf priests <3.

That's pretty awesome. I like the hordes around him.

Awesome picture!

Seriously great picture whoever designed this.

Engraved on the wall is an exceptionally designed image of a Dwarf and Zombie soldiers by Ironrealms. The dwarf is raising a glowing mace above his head. The Zombie soldiers are about to be struck down. This engraving relates to the slaying of undeads in the game "Achaea".


Writing "lol" here would make me look like a buffoon, but I want you to know that this did make me giggle audibly.


That has to be a lvl 3 mace! I mean, he is completely ready to take on a horde himself!



Sweet priest.

It really is!

I didn't know Phasteus created dwarves! Neato!

Very cool indeed

that priest is spending a whole lot of time longer in the gym than in the church.

And those steroids have lead to baldness

he has to, what with hordes of undead everywhere around him

Very, very nice. The mace looks a bit like a club but hey, it still looks awesome.