Dwarf Priest of Achaea

Dwarf Priest from the MMO game Achaea

This image depicts a Dwarf priest standing astride a fight of dungeon stairs battling the undead.

The dwarf is one of the main player races in the free to play MMO game of Achaea. The Dwarves of Achaea were created by the god Phaestus and were given souls by Proteus.

You can learn more about the dwarf race on the Achaea website: http://www.achaea.com/info/races/dwarf



I agree!



what software is used to make art like that? awesome!!


I wish I could do that.

Well done, congratulations

The artwork here is top notch. 

They're having Drawfique tonight!


I am convinced this is probably the best Dwarf Priest I've ever seen. The fantasy MMORPG artwork here is amazing

Fear the might of the mighty dwarf and his overly bright mace of smashing!

....shiny oh so shiny that is one shiny mace

pity no redbeard!

pity indeed

Rather scary. I like how the mace glows. Really is nice, hard to describe exactly what I like about the mace, but it strikes me like a torch one would use to keep the wolves at bay in the darkness.


lol It looks like its down in the underworld.

I kinda get the feeling that the next thing that would happen would be a large burst of light accompanied by flying bones and rusty armor.

I like him!

this is the best mmorpg dwarf priest i have ever seen

Trully a great piece here. I like the way the light around the mace has such a great intensity.

This looks amazing! Great work! I love the hammer bursting light and all the other details!

that's just awesome!!!!

"You see this? This here's my boom-stick!"

This is just awesome

Nice picture!


This is my favorite by far not only does it depict a dwarf it even includes a beard accesory!

nice work!

That is an awsome pic of a dwarf. Those stubby little buggers have been one of my favorite races in all rpg's.

This is totally awesome!!

missing the false sense of graduer too.

Great piece of artwork indeed! Very nice depiction of a dwarf as well as a priest with his robes and I'd assume his study material at his side. I would love to have seen the angel however, it could only make this one better and reinforce the role-play of a priest more so than it already does.

Add a jester to it and it's Daje+Ovid.

I like the Achaean feel to this one, Shallamite Dwarf Priest bashing Azdun, makes me wonder which version of the Codex that is strapped t his belt :P

The beard is amazing and the lighting of the mace and clothing really adds a lot to this. I love the piece in the beard. Beorji has a few pewter trinkets in his at the end of the braids. Very well done!



That is so cool, it makes me almost want to join Shallam ... almost! :p

looks like something from LOTR in the caves part.

That's freakin awesome

captures the enraged dwarf priest perfectly.



santa claus!

that's cool. I like the way he keeps his journal.

keep posting nice art!

Poor undead, they're so going to meet their ends ;(

still looks awesome!!!

His beard is pimp.


Very, very nice.

But that might be because I instantly think :cleric:

Awesome picture nonetheless. 


Very violent priest indeed.

Oh dwarves. I don't think anyone actually ever plays them in Lusty..