Dwarf Priest of Achaea

Dwarf Priest from the MMO game Achaea

This image depicts a Dwarf priest standing astride a fight of dungeon stairs battling the undead.

The dwarf is one of the main player races in the free to play MMO game of Achaea. The Dwarves of Achaea were created by the god Phaestus and were given souls by Proteus.

You can learn more about the dwarf race on the Achaea website: http://www.achaea.com/info/races/dwarf


without alcohol

Dwarves have always been my favorite fantasy character and this is the best dwarf priest I've seen in a long time. Very well done.

I don't know why, but I think all dwarves should be bald like this.

hit your head against a wall long enough and you'd be bald too.

Looks great!

I want to see the angel

A shorter version of Gandalf and more stalkier! 

not sure if he's wearing splint mail

and no helmet?

hard head

That's an amazing looking dwarf!


a bit drunk

Makes priests look kind of scary

Nice pic

So beardy


He got a razor right there! Sure it's blunt and leave half of his face dead, but at least the beard is fixed.

Nice mace

I see this dwarf all the time on the Achaea forums, but the whole picture is remarkably more badass.

his head is wide open for a hit!

Undead can't swing above their chest-height without losing limbs...jeez everyone knows that!




ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool

He means business!

That is quite the dwarven priest. That is also quite the suspiciously small book.

Too cool.

No tattoos?



Dwarfs are awesome


Quite possible my favorite ironrealms picture. He sure looks mad. I would love to see the entire upcomng fight. Perhaps a mini movie link or two for the website?



I want a glowing elemental staff!

Still love this image

pic. :)

Great pic

Rajamala Blademaster would be pretty wicked to see.

i haven't seen any new art in awhile. What happened to Chris?

who doesn't appreciate a woman with a beard <.<

Very professionally done, hats off to the artist.


bang bang maxwell's silver hammer

Oh shit... so dead

Funny he doesn't look druish!

It smight be my favorite image...get it smight.

a dwarf with no beer?

this made me think of a lusternia dwarf of the guardian archetype.

the dwarven priest complete w glowing mace, staring down a horde of undead. Love it.

Hammer maybe a bit too heavy, he's leaning.

Excellent stuff. Makes me jealous of your talent.