Dwarf Priest of Achaea

Dwarf Priest from the MMO game Achaea

This image depicts a Dwarf priest standing astride a fight of dungeon stairs battling the undead.

The dwarf is one of the main player races in the free to play MMO game of Achaea. The Dwarves of Achaea were created by the god Phaestus and were given souls by Proteus.

You can learn more about the dwarf race on the Achaea website: http://www.achaea.com/info/races/dwarf


I'd love to see a Dwarf riding a Chimera...

I liked the mace and the codex, and the fact that he seems to be killing undead!

This picture is so badass.

Credit comment.

I was a dwarf once.

Makes me consider a class change.

Me too.

This is a fantastic piece of art work. Very well done!