MMO Eledhel Elven Mage

This is an Eledhel Elf of the text game Midkemia Online created by Chris Bourassa.


ahh, that scantily clad elven lady.  Convinced me to play an elf back in the day. Though, I wish they would draw one that's actually dressed for combat.

The fact that sex sells, but yea, it'd be nice to see a female of any race drawn and dressed for combat


These half clad warrioresses do more to make me feel embarrassed of fantasy gaming than to intrigue me to play.

I mean, at least wear the armor your class wears

why dress for combat when you can go commando?!


It's what's for dinner.


nice skirt.

she needs one


A tan would be nice. Looks like she sits in a cave all day instead of out in the light.

maybe she is sensitivty about the sun?

Bad outfit for that really, if she does get hit by some sun, that's a lot of skin to get burned.

Nothing wrong with sitting in a cave all day.



And she's got Crystalism...nice


I think she would beat any guy she came across

With any luck ;)

Highly traind for combat.

Enemy soldier: *drools*

Elf: *stab* "22"

Ok what is the 22?

She looks a bit scrawny to have such large breasts. It's a very nice piece, but with those she's unproportioned for sure. she is very dark elf looking in her complexion as well which is a nice change for the racial artwork I've seen up to this one.

any of Chris's artwork? This is just the way he draws.


Though it'd be nice to have a bit more clothing on his females, from time to time


I dig the art style, it's just that I'm sorta done with this half-clad female warrior trope.

But hey, as long as Chris keeps the art coming, I'm content enough.

It's not as bad as previous works. I actually don't mind little clothing, just as long as proportions are done right.


What I'd picture an eledhel looking like personally.


that's how I pictured them... moonlit skin, blonde hair.. exotic looking!!! very nice!

Nice and sexy


What he said


Actual combat gear plz


So who is this?

First, why the hell are people calling for combat gear? Is there some reason that she has to be a combatant? No, I see more scantily clad types than combatant each and every time I log into Achaea.

Second... So, elves look like drow in Imperian? It's a great picture, but the details are a total ripoff. Tsol'aa were far more original, and they were like a cross between d&d elves and halflings, with some jungle thrown in.

First, because the scantily-clad, buxom elf is a very, very tired trope. Also, possibly, because the eledhel are renown for being fierce warriors in times of battle, and their spellcasters (they call them spellweavers) are renown for being ancient (several hundred years old is sort of a standard age for eledhel, the powerful spellweavers tend to be those that are closer to a thousand). Try not to go all nerd-rage because there are some people around who would like to see a little accuracy. They aren't talking to you, simmer down teapot.


Second... So, we're talking about Eledhel from Midkemia. Not Imperian, not Drow, and not whatever else you were going on about. The eledhel are described as incredibly fair skinned, hair color ranging from platinum blond to light brown, and having an alien cast to their features... And while we're on the subject, Drow have black skin and white hair, universally. I see neither in that picture, so clearly you're pretty far off base.


I don't know much about Eledhals of Midkemia but they sure look sexy. I really like the crystals and the spear.




Like it.

What are they for?


That's my favorite part. I never would've imagined the crystals floating near the ground.

Definitely not the way I envisioned eledhel, although there are 1 or 2 in-game who appear to have modelled themselves off this image.

I like it very elf looking to me.

I think that she would make the enemy drool and forget why they were there.  light combat maybe

Perhaps, it's not a bad tactic!

She is nice and sexy

There's one, a tsol'aa, I believe.

This is one of the female drawings by Chris that I like better, the style seems a bit more compact and she does not look as thick as some of the others.

Elves should not have stripper boobs. :(

Oh well, can't expect anything else in a gamer community.

what she is wearing...

And not very practical for getting round the forest