MMO Eledhel Elven Mage

This is an Eledhel Elf of the text game Midkemia Online created by Chris Bourassa.


Perhaps she is a ghost.

those are good birthing hips.



Interesting artwork. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like her head is just a tad bit small for her body.

Yeah, I guess it's probably the relative size of her breasts that does that. Great work all the same.

Big ones, small ones, some the size of your head...

For proper proportions it should be 7 heads for the total height of her body. I count around 10

Another winner from Chris Bourassa.

He sure draws well!

Even without background it is mesmerising, as usual from Cris, great work.


I should learn how to draw.

Not quite what I imagined an Eledhel to look like. This is actually closer to how I imagined a Valheru would be. Except of course the Valheru would have a lot more blood soaked around it. The clothes, I like. The breasts I think are fine for her torso and hips, the arms IMO are a bit too small but other than that very nice. I too would like to see a female in full combat gear for once, like full plate that is more than a few plates of metal and a skirt just because its so different from the norm. Again, not complaining about the getup on this one.

But put on some clothes, elf!

why is it shiney?

Guys like boobs. Girls, like magpies, like shiny things. Cover all bases.



An astute observation :P




The design is great, but something about her face is creeping me out...I think maybe it's just too long for me or something. I guess that's the Elf side, but *shrug*

she's darker (by which I mean more sinister, not colour) than I would expect for an eledhel.  Great execution, though!

of the color of her skin.

What on earth is that?

And though she's somewhat unsettling to look at, and poorly dressed for any kind of adventuring, she's nonetheless well-drawn!

Now, I don't actually think most of the eledhel in Elvandar really look like that. IMO She's way too pale, like ghostly pale. 

Interesting. I've seen some IG Eledhel who kind of look like that. Though I modeled my character off of the Glamredhel, and the pale, dead-look moreso befits them, i think.

It is sad that this piece of art is being criticized so heavily instead of merely enjoyed.  The beauty of IRE games is that many people choose not to participate in combat, so why is it such a problem that this elf is not dressed for combat?  I, for one, think it is amazing and I appreciate it.  Thank you, Chris Bourassa and IRE.

Whilst a fantastic piece of art I feel that the style of dress is completely wrong for the Eledhel. They wear bright colours which clash somewhat with well made tunics and trousers. I remember that those who traveled with the queen to Krondor rode white steeds and all had on bright colors, such as bright yellow pants with vivid blue tunics etc. Back home in the forests they tended to wear mainly leather and wool such as woodsmen would. The elders and magicians favored robes, not scantilyness :P

Good effort though

Priests wear robes, not combat armor get your facts straight, also warm climent means skimpy clothing. If you take a look at other human tribes that lingered around tree like environments you would find a good deal of them actually went around mostly naked or at least topless.

are all IRE females that curvy?


No combat gear and no gettng around in the forest please. I like her just like she is. I picture her as a member of the ruling council or perhaps just a good ole city girl.


Also her body looks like it is as hard as a rock.