Gemadek from the Tears of Polaris MUD

The chiroptera Gemadek of Tears of Polaris

Straight from the sci-fi MMORPG world of Tears of Polaris, this Gemadek is one of the races you can choose to play from in the MUD. This wonderful racial game image was created by Chris Bourassa.


The sash and wings are without a doubt my favorite in this pic. Face definitely looks like it belongs in a Sci-Fi, though :P

I don't think he can do much..seeing that he has no arms what-so-ever.

they're behind his back like hes standing at attention

Overall correct, though it is actually parade rest, which is very close to attention. Attention they would be on the side of his legs. Both positions are very annoying.

Didn't see that until your comment!

parad rest,,,


Parad rested at the Parade.

He looks like a male harpy...

are there even male harpies?!

Is that a he, or a she? Or are the Gemadek asexual?


I'm going to go with she, judging by the curvature of the torso (that would be the bit that also proved to me he/she had arms, whoops).

From the wings, obviously female.

I'm agreeing with the female bit, but I'm not seeing how the wings are relevant?

or hermaphrodites?!


Can't wait for the game!


definitally a she

I'm betting a somewhat rodent like race?

the uniform jacket is a new interpretation of historic uniforms. well done!


I say it again, lots of people await the relase already!!

And you can keep saying it. I regret not testing it now >.>

i love the art but it looks like she is gonna be shot out of a cannon. but very imperialistic uniform.



I hope IRE continues to make this game. The art looks awesome.

looked armless at first :)

.. stop working on ToP? Thought there were some news about that a while ago...

Yes, but it wouldn't surprise me for them to start it back up again. A lot of people seem to want that.

I guess they mostly had an issue with the way the mechanics were coming along.


Tears of Polaris...RIP

Awww.... ToP... Where art though?

IIRC, Gemadek have wings instead of arms. Some of the TOP races are pretty alien.

Isn't ToP dead?

People most likely just posting for that free credit. Need more new articles!

I wonder how it can pick up things with no hands. Maybe bend down and clamp its teeth around said object?

aw yeah

She doesn't have huge boobs! Great piece of artwork and a nice depiction of what looks to be some sort of soldier for sure. I'm not sure what the race is supposed to look like but this is very nice looking for sure!

But with reverse ear and - hopefully- some cool plasma gun at her hip!

I'm impressed.

Please, IRE, save ToP!


Looks like a she.

...her wings wouldn't support her weight. Otherwise, like.

Looks kind of like a horky from achaea with dragon wings.

I hate this sort of design. We can suspend belief, but I hate the wings slapped on with no anatomical support design we get from artists on this sort of thing.


They ar never getting off the ground - purely ornamental those wings


This is why ToP should be revived.

Nice outfit

Nice wings too, actually.