Gemadek from the Tears of Polaris MUD

The chiroptera Gemadek of Tears of Polaris

Straight from the sci-fi MMORPG world of Tears of Polaris, this Gemadek is one of the races you can choose to play from in the MUD. This wonderful racial game image was created by Chris Bourassa.


wheres my Tears?

Ah, for a moment I thought this game was being revived when I saw the article.

i thought it didn't have arms...

This is awesome, I love it!

I'd play one. Where's ToP? :(

was the mythos for ToP ever released? I'm curious.

might be worth a look at.

So why did they start this game if they didn't plan on finishing it? And I was really excited about it too, I read a couple of ideas they had for the game and it seemed pretty cool. Shame to see it's dead...

It shall never be, alas.

It just might

Strange priorities, to purchase the artwork before investing in the actual game.

Ouch! Ouch, I say.

Really neat looking race. They should release this game.

cast ressurections on top PLEASE!

to have those ears down all the time

look a bit painful

That helmet must chafe the ears, but the down turned ears do add a certain pissed off look to her face. Like a cat turns its ears down when it gets mad.

I like this general-like stance, awesome art! pity there is no tears of polaris to play

what are the plans for this game, anyway? will it be shelved forever?

A little odd.

that looks whack


I read the profile for this race on the website and it seemed really well developed. I love the idea of wing-etiquette! If only the project wasn't on hold. :(


All the races from ToP seem cool. The art is awesome too.

Are we looking at art for a game that is not actually there?

It's still cool, and may be used some day.

free credit

no arms


This game had better be the end result of the Bal'met junk! PLEEEEEEEEASE!!! Also, woot massive event is massive. And an active Aeon. Gimme Aeon's Order, nao?

with Sable. ToP must be the event ender! Along with Aeon's Order pls

erm... haha

... really look odd, but if you know they're there, you can see them. Not an ideal picture, but kind of nice.

is it...Ghe mah DEK?

It's Gee-mah-Dak
Gemadaks call eachother 'Dak' in the now forgotten lore.