Grecht from Aetolia

Grecht from the Text Game Aetolia

While the are not vampires, they sure make me think of wicked cool vampires. The Grecht is actually a race from the text game Aetolia.


Reminds me of the thing from Jeepers Creepers! That is what I see a grecht as! That and a cross between gargoyle

Aetolian races are fun.

Lightning is awesome.

And dangerous!!

It does look like a vampire. And eh, the grecht only eats peaches, am I right?

Does not - for one thing, it doesn't sparkle and everyone knows that is the defining feature of a vampire


Wicked lightening. That thing scares me.


The bat-like characteristics are really well down, from the nose to the ears and especially the elongated fingers for the wings.

It is somewhat more batlike that most batlike things, isn't it?



oh baby!


Great work


Resisting urge to reincarnate.

Oh God what is that thing? If I saw that IC I'd kill it or run the hell away

Pretty awesome



Awesome!!! but aren't they from the Northern Tundra??

I was struggling to figure out what one would look like, for my racial description, thank you for helping out alot!!

you last on-line husband looked just like, maybe acted like that


This reminds me of the Corax from oWoD.

Interesting! A little angrier and taller than I imagined.

Hehe. Stirges.

Not that I really know what a Grecht is, but it looks pretty awesome!

Glad to see it's actually bat-like, instead of human-like with the odd bat features

Very cool!

Bat mennnnn


...couldn't help myself. Looks awesome though.

I miss my Grecht.

Now that is a neat looking race.



That's awesome


That is.

It looks like a neat and very dark and spooky. I assume they can fly? I like the fliers.

Aww, cute!

The lightning is obligatory.

Wow! i like this One.

Makes me want to reincarnate.

his vamp form? Does he walk around in a human disguise usually?

Credit post.

Inspiration for description

I like it. Awesome. :)

Pretty neat, a little different from how I'd imagined them, but I like it.

I would definitely be interested in playing Aetolia for this character if I was just browsing random MUDs. Which, you have to admit, is the point of this artwork.

Definitely, these pictures pique curiosity.

I would definately drop in for a visit if this was the picture that popped up when I checked out Aetolia.



those wings can't carry nothing.

You wouldn't want to run into one of those in a back alley. batman!

Makes me think of an uuberfreaky Nosferatu. My Aetolian would still find them handsome. I certainly do.

that is an ugly face