Grecht from Aetolia

Grecht from the Text Game Aetolia

While the are not vampires, they sure make me think of wicked cool vampires. The Grecht is actually a race from the text game Aetolia.


Came for a credit, and now I have to go look up Aetolian races...

more furry races!


I needs to try Aetolia now is Edward still available? :D

That's really cool-looking! :D



I never had a real idea of what they were, kept thinking more lizard-y bats. Neat!

h ot


Is that... Batman? :o)


very dark.  I like.

Well drawn, Good job =)

yikes. wouldn't want to run into that...pretty much anywhere.  Great work!

yikes. wouldn't want to run into that...pretty much anywhere.  Great work!

Veeery cool. :)

but wouldn't it look better if it were dripping with blood?


I can almost hear a shrill, piercing shriek.

I am the batman!

Scary stuff!

Awesome picture. Very ugly baldy bat-man!


So they magically attract lightning?

Awesome stuff. Aetolia has some interesting races.

they are bats, it's an interesting role to play, I know because I had a grecht, I don't play him anymore, but it was definitely an interesting role, heh.

nudging my comment for a credit, heh.

Definitely like the atmospheric effects.

i wonder where it keeps its weapons.  Or maybe those fangs and claws are all the weapon it needs.

That guy(?) looks awesome.

more fur.

burn it and run!


something Aetolian.

What a badass.

This thing looks hilarious



I liike it. Got tige-err.. kitty-like ppl, goat-like people, fish, frog, now bat. Wonder if we'll get anymore races. Achaea I mean. Probably not.