Grecht from Aetolia

Grecht from the Text Game Aetolia

While the are not vampires, they sure make me think of wicked cool vampires. The Grecht is actually a race from the text game Aetolia.


If I were a child this would give me nightmares

This would look awesome or bore me

Haha, Hi Plato!


Quite the difference eh

Sure would

Why haven't they put this image on the character creation screen yet?! >< I made a Grecht, but I would've been even more excited if I'd seen this!


That's exactly what I imagined, and I couldn't be prouder to be a Grecht after seeing this.

but it's wonderful!



bottoms up.


I'm sure everyone would have nightmares in a world populated by these things

Do the Grecht have any other good use other than being good vampires?

You mean like doorstops?

being very good vampires?

They can fly in front of the moon to summon Batman?

I keep wanting to try Aetolia and be one of these.. Shame I have no ambition :(



could you play this as a lighter? ^^

It's a bat-winged skull-faced vampire. And there's lightning in the background. Just about everything that can combine to make one awesome gargoyle-thing.

it's amazing, right?!

I should create one and see! Join the "good side" and see what happens! haha



Err wrong reply! :(


truely a nightmare given form


Makes me curious about the race. I'll have to check it out!

Can't say I remember any of the new races that has popped up as awesome art. Need to look them all up again!

Especially how he goes against the storm.


Gargolye is a good description of this nightmare.

well done


pretty much vampire - elegance

degenerated vampire..




Vampire bats... can't become a vampire because it's cliche, can't go to the light because it's also cliche...


Maybe I should play some Aetolia to see how it's been handled

of Robert Patterson :-)


It's Robert Pattinson, and this doesn't even come close. Not sparkly at all, not pale, probably has a better personality...


cool, cool

I love the race pictures. Text descriptions are great but these are really good.

What is its text description?

whow nice picture

Looks cool.


Great work! That is one scary Grecht, kind of like a bat/gargoyle. Can't wait to try Aetolia and find out what they are like!


nice but what is a grecht?

Bat people? Crazy...

Should have shown us a grecht oracle!


Wow that is nice and a tad bit scary



You guys actually get races like this? :(

 I'm not sure what a Grecht is exactly, however this is a very nice piece of art for certain! Are they some sort of bat/man combo  for a race ? Anyhow, it looks very interesting!