Grook Occultist

Grook Occultist from the MMO Achaea

This image depicts a Grook Occultist sitting on a stool studying a massive, ancient tome.

Chris Bourassa has out done himself with this image and it is easily one of my all time favorites.

Grooks are a race of humanoid amphibians that can breathe and heal faster when in the water. The are the most intelligent of all the mortal player races in Achaea.

You can read more about the Grook race here:


Very good work, just not what I expected a Grook to look like.

Maybe not a typical Grook, but I can see an Occultist Grook turning out something like this. Now. Human Occultist, prz? ;)


I definitely expected more froggy-ness/amphibian in this, but nonetheless, its beautiful. :)

I was thinking it should have more frogginess too - those insults to Grooks fall a little flat now!




Very good, indeed.


Just wow, I am totally blown away by this.

I love that subtle glow that can be seen though the web membrane on the hands and on the side of his face.  Also the faded cloth page marker compliments the bright glow of the book.

Just wow.

This artist is top notch! Can we make requests? Illithoid please!


No, just the worm for you!

I.... just.... wow. I'm speechless at the astonishing detail shown in this art.

Me too!

Another cool picture.

nice nice

the detail in this is amazing.  kinda makes me want to have Naomh done up as a portait

This is a really cool portrait. And a cool looking Grook! :D

Very Lovecraftian, I get a very Deep One vibe off it.




That was my first thought, too. Excellent piece!

Cthulu/Ketheru is ours!

Kinda cool to see some amazing artwork of your race/class



I'm beginning to see a lot of fish-men.

I love that holiday song, "I'm begining to see a lot of go."

It's a fantastic piece of art, but I don't like it. I always envisioned grooks as Toad of Toad Hall, or Frog from Chrono Trigger.

It's a mugwump! They come in more varieties. The helpfile on them mentions that you get salamander-like ones, and I've seen quite a few of them in that form.

I mean, I seriously don't see anyone playing them.

Which makes me sad. Mugwumpois was so cool in the histories.

She's cool. Mugwumps are ugly, though - vain people won't play them!

Once they got the nerfed with the influence changes, there really wasn't a good reason.

That's true.


This is really good. Great work!



Really nice work...though that's definitely not what I expected a grook to look like. So...what about a grook magi?


just brillant


Looks pretty creepy, but in a cool way.

Needs a T-shirt saying, "I'm creepy cool!"

Its still not a grook....


Never thought of a Grook as having such defined muscles. Very impressed.

I never thought of an occultist having such defined muscles. I guess he works out in between study sessions...

I would love to see some art work for Aetolia

Deep one hybrid maybe?

New alt what?

This is pretty close to what I'd have expected a Grook to look like except that I'd figure they'd be stringy rather than bulky in terms of musculature.


maybe not...

I don't know if it looks anything like a grook, but it looks fantastic nevertheless.

.. is fantastic