Grook Occultist

Grook Occultist from the MMO Achaea

This image depicts a Grook Occultist sitting on a stool studying a massive, ancient tome.

Chris Bourassa has out done himself with this image and it is easily one of my all time favorites.

Grooks are a race of humanoid amphibians that can breathe and heal faster when in the water. The are the most intelligent of all the mortal player races in Achaea.

You can read more about the Grook race here:



Not really how I imagined grooks. Softer with less teeth. :D Pretty though.


Amazing Pic!


Being an Occultist myself I absolutely love this picture!

Are interesting

Occultists are basically Noctusari. I'm not entirely sure about the differences in the Noctu and Occultism skillsets, but they share tarot and domination/enslavery.

awesome art

really nice...I didn't know grooks had so many teeth

Cause they're so intelligent, yet they have such a primitive look

Kinda creepy then again I guess occies are.


Wonderful artwork! I think that most of it looks how I picture a grook, aside from the menacing face...of course, maybe he's been dabbling in his art..

This is wondrous art


This is really dashing, such detail

That's a beautiful piece of art


awesome grook pic. I'll look at the froggies in a different way from now on

doesn't look at all like me...but it is very cool

Like pure awesome

I'm going to assume the Lusternian analogue still looks more humanoid?

I think it's pretty close to this.

I'm fine with either. I never really imagined Azureus looking very human anyways.

Good for a free credit

Beautiful work.

OH cool!  I really like this artwork the best out of all of them so far!

Comparing it to the image on, it doesn't really feel like a grook to me. It reminds me more of an illithoid, except with webbed hands and feet.


I never looked at the artwork on here until now. Sad but true. And its very good!! Helps me create new images of the characters in my head.

When I picture grooks I envision them more frog-like-- you know, humble, not exactly as beastly or fearsome as other potential creatures of the sea.


And then you get pictures like this, that depict something completely out of your mind. He seems more fish-like in this, with a "creepy merman" feel to it, and it's great. I'm especially digging the glow seen through his hands.

The is really amazing.


Out of all the artwork, I think this is my favorite one. It grasps the description of Grook in my head quite well. 

I like this rendition of grooks over the old kermit looking one. It has a muc more alien feel to it and as grook origins are still unknown I feel this fits them perfectly

This grook doesn't look too happy with the intrusion, it looks like the continuation of the story probably gonna hurt.

I'm always amazed how some artists can capture light so amazingly in their work.

Personally I imagine grooks more froglike, sure is interesting how different people imagine the races.

a buff grook

 I really love this piece. It's by far one of my favorites so far scanning through the art gallery.  The depiction of the grook race is very strong in this piece, and the fact that he's studying also goes well with the roleplay of them as well, being they are the most intelligent of all races. Great work!

I imagined Grooks to look different, but this is sweet!

But aye, this is wonderful done!

Both in the artwork and the visual concept of what a Grook could look like.

This new batch of art is the best yet, I really like the darker side of what Grooks might look like though I always kind of imagined goofy looking frog people personally.



I don't know what a grook is. Are they more like mugwumps, or more like merians?

It's basically the same race, I believe.

I expected something a bit more frog like, then. He's a bit fishy.

That is one scary grook!


I love this f**king picture!

Kinda creepy, I imagined them to look a lot more frog-like somehow.


Really good pic. Much better than the old one.



This makes me miss Achaea. A little bit..

Grook power.