Grook Occultist

Grook Occultist from the MMO Achaea

This image depicts a Grook Occultist sitting on a stool studying a massive, ancient tome.

Chris Bourassa has out done himself with this image and it is easily one of my all time favorites.

Grooks are a race of humanoid amphibians that can breathe and heal faster when in the water. The are the most intelligent of all the mortal player races in Achaea.

You can read more about the Grook race here:



More entities in it, but good none the less.

I really like this piece. It gives off just enough of an eerie feeling that you would expect if you walked in on occultist at work.

1.Great art. 

2.I wonder why the siren and the grook are pictured as occultists though. I think a class change would be nice in future artwork. 

3. Do you think Chris cares about my opinion? Probably not, Who am I to critic such talent anyway.

4.Ok I am done rambling now.


This is fantastic artwork! And of course, Grooks are the best! 

Unknowable secrets from the murky depths.


Not exactly what I imagined, but still very cool.

of a mugwump.


I enjoy it

That's actually pretty awesome

^^. It's awesome!

The detail is breathtaking :D


I think its perfect.


This seems really cthuluesque...kinda creepy. I love how shiny the eyes are though, plus the huge size.

but the choice of activity doesn't scream occultist to me.  The crazy big rune-y book looks arcane, but not distinctively occult, IMO.  Great execution of the idea, as always, though.

what is the difference between occult and arcane?

Creepy, nice detail too!

honestly, that doesn't look all that froglike to me

That looks Occultist, maybe?


I can see it as a salamander-man, though.


I mean, living in a cave, you'll develop sensitive eyes or poor eyes. Then the book lights up.. Must be painful.



grooks/other amphibious races leave a lot to the imagination.



nice job!

nice job!




I really wish could draw

Love this interpretation of the Grook.

Aquatic reading.

it has been a while since chris had a new drawing. i'm eager to see more.


it's a toad sitting on a toadstool and using it as a stool!

I like the finer things in life. Chris, paint more tiny dudes with butterfly wings.


Grook thing is neat too, he just looks creepy



Great looking grook, pretty fierce!

Well done=) Looks neat

Holy crap

Certainly one of my favourite depictions. Just so eerie.

Probably one of my favorites from Chris

Probably my favourite char image by far. 

no? no? aww okay

This would be cool.

The Grook doesn't have back breaking breasts.

All bow to the flesh.