Grook Occultist

Grook Occultist from the MMO Achaea

This image depicts a Grook Occultist sitting on a stool studying a massive, ancient tome.

Chris Bourassa has out done himself with this image and it is easily one of my all time favorites.

Grooks are a race of humanoid amphibians that can breathe and heal faster when in the water. The are the most intelligent of all the mortal player races in Achaea.

You can read more about the Grook race here:


This made me go grook back when I was Occultist.

those claws




Nice, maybe if Achaea keeps shallam in the sea and makes it a higher level hunting area then waterbreathers will have an edge.

However it would be cool to see both an "evil" and "nonevil" version for each race.



claws are strongk

Looks a lot more cool than how I imagined them. Awesome art!


This one looks much scarier than I imagined them, too!



I miss achaea.

the background

Look really scary.


So cool looking.



Draw more occultists, please!!

Credit comment.

cool, reptilian look. Like Lusty's mugwump, only without the webbed digits.

This is exactly why!

r good

this is one fo the coolest pics