Human Wardancer from Imperian

RPG Female Warrior

A female human Wardancer with her sword raised high above her head, battle runes adorning her chiselled arms.Another fantastic image from Chris Bourassa. A human female Wardancer from the RPG world of Imperian. Wardancers are feared for their skill, ferocity, and pure agilty with the blade and shield.



NO Onions!

Lol wth is that about?


Haha yep

Me hate ground.


Crap reminds me of my ex-wife on a rampage



Guess we can see why she's your ex-wife :O





I am not PMSing!


now that is warpaint!



is more interesting.


Also cleavage protection is apparently unnecessary, because giving your opponent an easy route to your heart is clearly a good idea.

why do the boobs have to be so obvious?

I agree, somewhat smaller breasts with more protection and she'd been just as kickass, except less annoying too.

coz they're boobs?

There are complaints about boobs, from a dude? -facepalm-

Like... That's honestly scary, there. You could seriously kill someone with those.

Could be a whole new martial art right there.

Been done

that's just another kill for her!

especially when that woman's involved. She's got the crazy eye...

You people act as if a woman with large breasts could never be a warrior.


Don't be so ideolocially chauvinistic!

Too big and not enough coverage. Plus I always imagined wardancers more war dancery with awesome combos and less barbarian smash.

I agree with the second part of that.

There's something weird about it

She should put her mask back on.

I've never noticed there was a mask before.

Wait, Doesn't she play for the raiders?


This artwork is good for a free credit, otherwise it's a great disservice to IRE games

Free credit!? Oh, yes.

It's very free.

It looks odd for some reason.


Rather odd....

too plastic

A little too big on the bust

Bust is a bit large for a warrior of sorts, which I'm asuming that's what her class is? I would think with all those muscles, her breasts would be considerably smaller for sure. I'm not a huge fan of this piece.

I am not sure the warpaint is appropriate for a Wardancer. It's supposed to be more scary than graphically designed, though her visage is frightening enough. Good on the bosom--I am sure it adequately portrays most of the descriptions of the Antiochan females these days.

Her mask looks like a bird nesting in her cleavage.

scary looking pscyopath


Just a tad disturbing. A good picture though

I find the picture excellent. Good details, excellent work on showing a WD.