Human Wardancer from Imperian

RPG Female Warrior

A female human Wardancer with her sword raised high above her head, battle runes adorning her chiselled arms.Another fantastic image from Chris Bourassa. A human female Wardancer from the RPG world of Imperian. Wardancers are feared for their skill, ferocity, and pure agilty with the blade and shield.


I think it would work well as a draw for someone who wanted to "imagine" what their WD could look like if they created one

I would say so.

oh wow, she looks pretty mad


I like her pointy helmet and mask, masks are cool

The mask is cool, but is the shield attached to the stump of an arm? It looks a bit odd somehow.

Glowing tattoos of powah? I wonder what they are, or is it just really shiney ink?


obviously you need to start and play a WD to find out about all the toys!

Very nice and intimidating front

I thought they were runes, cool. I love the art, I would like to see some achaean art with all the runes and tattoos included. Perhaps a tsoll'a battle magi all tatted up. Just a suggestion.

The face is interesting, in a crazy deranged sort of way.

Does anyone else think Norse warrior when they look at this painting. Though thats not what I imagined a war dancer would look like. But still its a  wonderful painting none the less.

Seems a bit less norse and more celtic.

Oh Evie, where are you?


actually looks well protected by her skimpy gear. Don't like the glamour girl lipstick but otherwise a great representation of female warriorness.

Is that a mask? Or is it a necklace?


Only real problem I have is the bust does seem a bit large.



I like the hair and the totem around her neck...or whatever you would call that.

are just a way to tell people she got some extra protection... small boobs wouldnt suit this busty and mad woman.

I like it.

Can't Wardancers dual-wield shields? I'm tempted to play Imperian just to do that.

Dual-wielding shields just seem crazy! Though, I guess I can see the appeal of crazy. :P

Do not want!

She-Hulk SMASH!!!

She-Hulk SMASH!!!

Careful, there. She-hulk might sue you.

Yes for CR infringement!

Crazy looking lady..


Why are all the women so busty?? but good work!!!

You'd think they'd be a bit more slim, what with living in the desert and all...

I am Bill Nighy, and I like it!

Why does she look like a viking?

She shouldn't have runes. That's cross circling.

This is exactly how my D&D barbarian looks!

I find the hat hilarious.

... that noone's commented on the boots with the fur... apparently everyone here has trouble looking past the fact that, by appearances, she'd be nearly incapable of the fluid arcs and circles of a wardancer's form (though I'd not dare say that to her face)... though based on the look on her face, she might be able to get past such simple limitations with sufficient motivation... and it looks to me like some poor sod was foolish enough to take her doughnut.

I'd tap that

Look out!

Everyone complains about her breasts being too large and exposed for a warrior. I think her plan is to distract you with her breasts so she can go for the quick sword kill. Maybe she jiggles them just before she makes a jab at your heart?


boobs. haha.


oh, and the armor looks like a hell of a chafe

Very nice.

She doesn't look like someone you want to mess with. Could rip your arms off and beat you with them.

No really!



and, as usual, a female character must be rediculously well-endowed

This is how my barbarian from D and D looks!