Human Wardancer from Imperian

RPG Female Warrior

A female human Wardancer with her sword raised high above her head, battle runes adorning her chiselled arms.Another fantastic image from Chris Bourassa. A human female Wardancer from the RPG world of Imperian. Wardancers are feared for their skill, ferocity, and pure agilty with the blade and shield.



Good work, keep it up Cris!

Fail, no greaves or vambraces?

I feel like that fur would be way too warm in the desert.

It is okay, she doesn't exist.

can't wait to get my own mask... switching class is a bitch.

Somehow, so creepy..

I wish there was art of them doing the double-shield stance, that sounds so cool.


Wardances are awesome!

That does sound neat!

I like the fact she actually has scars. Its not the flawless airbrushed woman that has barely any protection and not a single mark on them. The fur might be a little warm for the desert but I would think leather, scale and plate mail would be really hot too. She also probably wants something when it gets dark, I hear they can get pretty cold at night.

and the sheath.. they don't match. Should be on the other side.

Shields are for wimps! A real woman dual-wields scimitars. 

Well, *she* looks gleefully homicidal. Seriously, though - sweet glowing tattoos! Wardancers are so badass. They've always made me really want to get into Imperian.

Like I would picture a young mother in law.

Not really a fan of this one.

Not bad!


aww reminds me of my norrjin


Little known to you, she lost her arm in battle and has it mended to her stump for protection. She has one heck of a shield bash.


Great technique, but really doesn't work for me. I'd like to see some art done by female artists. I can't imagine any or them would put a chunk of wood around their necks to bounce off their breasts and smack them in the face.

Reminds me of an Elder Scrolls Nord

like the hair, but she's short one arm

Expression is a bit odd. Not fierce, not insane, not upset, not sure what it is.

It's the Shinig expression...


"Heeeres Johnny!"

I really get the 'Helga Smash' feel from this picture.


Is scary

isnt the shield a bit small for her arm or too close to her body in this perspective? Eitherwise aweseome pic. The momentum is depicted convincingly 

Glad I don't play Imperian.

I'm sorry, this just... isn't at all what I picture a Wardancer as. Not to mention that this looks more like a dwarf than anything else, to me....

Credit comment.

Awesome picture - wish I knew something about the class.

Not horribly impressed. As has been said at least a time or two... needs less boobs. In general the proportions are all wrong: head is tiny, hips and legs are massive, and there should be at least some visible left arm even with the coverage of the shield, and the stance is just completely awkward. Oh, and you don't carry your scabbard on the same side as you wield if you want to be able to draw/sheath it... a little attention to detail, please!