Human Warrior

RPG Human Warrior

This is a Human Warrior from the text game Midkemia Online. This image was created by Chris Bourassa.


any plans for picture of a tsurani?


Not sure if these pictures are commissioned, but well done!

I really love Chris' depiction of a human warrior from our favourite MMORPG

nicely done!


Without a doubt one of the best pics that could've been used for the Droid App's Icon! Maybe a dragon would be a secondary icon? I dunno, I just really like this one for some reason.

Pretty much the staple character for any guards

Haven't seen Achaea guards but this did make me instantly think of what a guard would look like.

It may be typical but one of the best drawn i have seen


Who uses a sword and a shield?

I do on both my Knight on Imperian and my Soldier on MKO :P


These drawings as of late have been used for all IRE games since before MKO even came out. I personally think it would be better to create new drawings rather than just use old exisitng ones and claim they are for whatever IRE game they choose to put them in.

Just my opinion though

I recall this one from when I started in Achaea, too. Some new pictures really would be awesome.

Nice piece of artwork, although he almost looks like a knight would with the coat of arms on the shield and the matching attire as well.  Still a nice piece though.

He looks like a knight because Kingdom humans are essentially Medieval Europeans.

Where he actually uses those itty-bitty daggers. never, I bet?

You are in a fight and manage to get in close to your opponent, you swing he blocks, you counter swing and he parries, so you kick him, pushing him back and then you sweep his leg out and as he falls you grab for your dagger, and kneel over him, placing the dagger close to his now exposed neck and demand he yield.


Where he actually uses those itty-bitty daggers. never, I bet?

Throwing, skinning, cleaning his teeth, seppuku, spinning around in an awesome knifefight dance... use your imagination!

Looks good


Nice picture. I love warriors, they are my favourite! Daggers as second weapons are extremely useful in combat situations, trust me.

... a knight without a helmet on. I always imagine warriors being a bit more like barbarians. Lotsa leather.

Rogues are the leather-wearers in MKO. Guess they wanted to keep them separate.  But actually the class in MKO is soldier, not warrior. Hmmm


Another good depiction of a character in the IRE environment.

Cool picture.

Craggy features, massive moustache. I like this!

he could be my hero

Anyone else from MKO noticed that the class ought to be Soldier, not warrior? Maybe it's a general title?

Seems quite normal

I like how the sword has blood on it


Very well done!

looks better

I love it, all of it! To ity bity pieces.




His shield could use a good polish.

Poor grunt looking thing...he's doomed :(


Pimptastic facial hair FTW.


Gives "man-hands" a new meaning!