Jimmy the Hand

Midkemia MMORPG artwork MKO

This is an image of young Jimmy the Hand by Chris Bourassa for the text game, Midkemia Online.


I think it would be nice to know a little about what these two characters are trying to accomplish here, and why. Cool artwork!!

In the books Jimmy the Hand comes across an Assassin on the rooftops of Krondor, who is about to assassinate the Prince (if I remember correctly). The Assassin and Jimmy then having a running fight. That's what the picture is.

Although I rarely imagine assassins to be as big as that. He'd have a hard time hiding in the shadows...

He'd be stepping on it all over the place.

anyone named "Jimmy the Hand" ought to have greasy hair combed backwards.

Does seem like it. Also a motorcycle. Yes.




That or be a blue movie star...


I concur.


Assassin's got a cool cape, here!

So which is him?


Obviously the big guy with a hand..

What;s happening here?


ohh I hope the boy survives!

Me too!

End well for our young adventurer? Let's tune in and find out!

The boy will just unleash fury and rip the big boy apart ^^


i am gonna guess he was lying about having candy. *nod*


Nice work.

It is indeed


Great work. This is one of my more favorite pictures. The expression on the boys face really sells the scene.

What is the name of the series?

The series that this scene comes from is the Riftwar Saga.

Just read them myself. Magician: Apprentice, Magician: Master, Silverthorn and A Darkness at Sethanon are the 4 books in the series.

Originally there were 3 and still are in the authors preferred edition.  Magician is only one book, the publishers broke it up.


Wicked artwork, but I'm so sick of unlikely characters surmounting seemingly impossible odds.

But that rules out 90% of fiction writing. 


cool artwork too.

Very nice. I love your art, man.

I really love this artwork. It's all so awesome.

I like the assasin, it's a very nice impression of a nighthawk.

Like it.

The cloak looks pretty cool, but I'm quite sure he'll trip over it with the next step. Should've bought one or two sizes smaller.

very nice piece indeed! that guy looks like an assassin who's not had a very good day and that little boy is in BIG trouble!

This is a wonderful impression of how I perceived the fight. Nighthawks are taken from all over the Kingdom, and Jimmy was still quite young at the time, so I had always imagined him being scared to death, and really fighting more for his life than anything. 

Captures the scene very well.  Wouldn't you be scared as a teenager to have one of the land's fabled assassins confronting you, on a roof of all places?

Jimmy looks scared out of his mind I hope he ended up on the good end of things.

Kid's bout to get messed up.


That kid's badass. He's gonna rip the dude a new one... or two.


I really really like this one

I would like to find out more

Cute boy