Jimmy the Hand

Midkemia MMORPG artwork MKO

This is an image of young Jimmy the Hand by Chris Bourassa for the text game, Midkemia Online.


Very cool! I wish I knew the story here!

Looks like little jimmy is trying to stop the evil rogue! ... or maybe he is his apprentice?

on the cloaked guy to win

that's kinda scarey.. lol.

That's pretty neat. It;s cool to see something different.

Looks to me like he needs a hand.

nice picture

is he this young in the novels?

Well, apparently he doesn't know his real age. He supposed he was about twelve at the time if I remember the books right. I haven't read that one one over five years. I really like the picture but I kind of think Jimmy looks a bit too innocent. I mean yes, he's supposed to be scared for his life but the books portray him to be kind of a little cocky thing and very cynical.

Good stuff.

I pictured him as young but older than the child portrayed in this artwork as I read about him.

Same with me.


Good picture, but the contrast needs to be adjusted

Neatly drawn. Someday I am going to read the books, they're on my to-read list... together with a whole lot of other books.

Some people have a thing for the underdog...

the view of the city in the back

this would probably be more fun of a picture if I had any idea what was going on


(not that it isn't amazing, but the title doesn't give me much to go on and I have no context)


Ooh, nice. Jimmy was one of my favorite characters in the books.


This is a very good work! 

Young Jimmy, a proficient thief,   was on a thieving mission of some type when he ran into an assassin on the rooftops. Jimmy travels the rooftops at night for an inconspicous mode of travel. Much like traveling in the treetops in achaea. I remember there was a terrible fight but our hero, Jimmy, managed to live over it.

Is Jimmy the Hand a rogue in the books?

I love the way this piece is angled off to the side. It fits what I see as the confrontation.


(I'm not sure which one Jimmy is..)


is he called the hand? nothing special about it

Jimmy is the little guy and he is a thief. The "hand" reference I would assume to be an indication of how fast and naughty his hand is. I once had a girlfriend that said I was all "hands" for a similar reason but that is another story.

I love this picture

So in reality most people are right handed, but left handed is the new cool? Okay....

Oooh very well done! I like it!

 i should find the books for this. 

I want to read the books

I see more than one hand.

Might have to pick up the books!

I have to admit, that looks really good!

Oh wow, really nice!


Cool picture. Though when I hear hand I think of Hugh the Hand from a different book series.

I really like the setting of the piece.


It's not quite what I would have pictured in terms of the way Jimmy looks, honestly.

I assume this is a character from the book series?

Indeed. Jimmy the Hand is a major character in many of the Riftwar books. This image is of a scene from either Silverthorn or A Darkness at Sethanon (I haven't read them for a while, and my copies aren't close by at the moment).

that kid looks like he is in way over his head


He even has his on rapier and poniard just like a real rogue! How adorable.