Juruno from Tears of Polaris

Sci-Fi MMORPG race

From the online text game Tears of Polaris, this is the racial image for the Juruno. This is one of the many races you can pick from when you make a character on this game. Image creates by Chris Bourassa.


You do amazing work, Chris. Keep it up!

That's really awesome.

it is!

Interesting species to say the least

Let's hope it uses its right hand for... shaking hands.

mean looking guy there




wow! what is that? an ethereal arm?

His name is Otto of the Silver Hand

looks like it, very neat the way it glows.

That is a face only a mother could love!


That IS- hideous. But nicely done! Is ToP ready for playtesting?

That's a thing, yes indeed. But a pretty thing, at least.

It was mothballed

Good stuff. Shame to hear ToP was put on the shelf.

I hope it gets back on track soon! This image makes me really sad that ToP was put on hold.

Really too bad that it was delayed

That arm is nice


But an ugly mug.


And I was so looking forward to the game.

It would have been an intersting diversion.

I agree, the game looks sweet and it's frustrating it got put on hold...or worse.

Hehe, it's art for a canceled game. :P Good art but it's sorta useless now.

Why art for something thats canceled?

sadly it was canceled

I was really really interested in it.

...Tears of Polaris!  Bring it to life.


Great Artwork,pity it was invain..

It ain't over yet!



That arm is crazy cool

with inbuilt lights?

i am really sad TOP was put off



Very neat! But I'm sad we won't get to see the MUD for quite awhile...

if ever :(

Patience.. is a virtue..

interesting looking race indeed, and what's up with the arm ? Neat artwork for sure, although I'd probably not play this sort of race unless it had some super awesome stats!

Looks kind of like a tall bug. Bet the eyes capture a lot of movement.


Again great artwork. Looks like a horkval with a human arm.

very interesting work


I want that armour on Aetolia, heh.

Very good work!

Interesting....very interesting