Juruno from Tears of Polaris

Sci-Fi MMORPG race

From the online text game Tears of Polaris, this is the racial image for the Juruno. This is one of the many races you can pick from when you make a character on this game. Image creates by Chris Bourassa.



ToP had promise and not only for our main IRE game players either, it could likely have brought in a new crowd as well.  It's a shame they decided to shelf it.


Makes me think of rockeaters. Rockeater furrikin?

Cool looking.

Strange race. Head is a bit squid-like.


Really like it. Hopefully it will be used someday.

It will be released! 20XX!

That looks amazing, I wanna see what the other races look like!!

What class is it supposed to be?



I think strange and odd looking sums it up

Apparently he's an alien with a whole race of his kind!


He does look like Voldemort!





Nicely done!

Glowy arms are always useful.

Oh, I did not realize this project was still going forward. I thought it was put on hold indefinitely?

any news of ToP, post-shelving?

I hope other pictures from the game get slipped on here. I'd like to get a feel for it. After I see a bit more for Aetolia.

Are they still planning on going forward with this game? I wish these articles/comments had dates on them. 

Now I wait to see if the game's ever picked up again and finished.

it's really awsome, but isn't this cancelled?


ToP needs to be put back on track please. Thanks!

It's too bad ToP was put on hold.


amazing to bad the games scrapped! keep up the work though bro

I never understood his blue arm and large space breeches.


why someone would put live rounds on his chest.

Keeps my curiosity going.

i like it, the glowing arm  so cool

Awesome art.

but I want to know what the glowy arm is all about

eww ugly

That glowing arm has to be some kind of special power that he is about to unleash on someone, and evidently he can wear armor in the arm while he is doing it. Right?

or he's really smelly?

Much as I hate starting new on a game, I was excited about ToP. Very few MUDs that pull off the sci-fi theme and, of course, with awesome art. Pretty sure this may be an old posting though.


I like how super future guy wears old time english pantaloons!

I still wanna play it. Start it up again, yeah?

not enough fingers for Corum...but he comes to mind


remind anyone of Bettlejuice?