Kohdon Predator of Imperian

RPG Assassin

This is another huge favorite by the Iron Realms staff. A Kohdon Predator from the MUD game world of Imperian. Art by Chris Bourassa.


Awesome MMO Assassin!!

Another fantastic piece of fantasy MMORPG artwork from IRE's graphic designer as always :)

This is an awesome picture. Makes me think more of a Ssylsin than a Kohdon, though. And I'd love to know what that sword is about - TOTALLY in favor of the Idras getting to use swords and sitaras. :D

Out of all the new artwork, I liked this one the best!

That's a huge wolf, made me want to be an Idra instead of a Monk. :)


Rather scary I say

Yes, the wolf is really intimidating and awesome!

I wanna see how he does horses, and knights!

This looks really good. Badass is totally the word that comes to mind.

I love this picture, its pretty sick.

Impressive! This is probably my favorite.

I would like to see more Aetolia art.

Aetolia art. Slip some our way.



oh so fierce :)

Too bad the profession isn't nearly as awesome as the picture.

He keeps the sword for behead, durr.

What's the story behind these dudes?

They live in a frozen forest, and are BAMF


Is that a codpiece?

Ha, no that's his leg but I see what you mean!

Oh damn, now I see it too. Cannot unsee o.O


Almost makes me want to go Serenguard and get a wolf.

This makes it so stunning

This is what we need

Very nice.

Is wrong with his right leg. It's massive utill you get to the knee!

There's a cloak wrapped around it that conceals part of it. It's not as thin as it looks.

I always though Kohdon were bigger. Hmm, but then its just this one and a big freaking dire wolf in the picture so maybe thats where its getting lost.

Great picture.

Great for a credit

I wished I could draw like that

I wish I could even imagine like that.

I love the darts strapped to his thigh. Also he's got the white cloak to wrap himself in to blend into the snow, before whipping it off to reveal the classic black leather look!


This makes me want to start a character on Imperian. <_<




I can only agree. Great picture, makes me wish I had some sort of a drawing talent.



Great work!



love the wolf

The Predator class is so stinking cool.

Only just realized Kohdon's have tails.

oh, wow! This looks great, I feel like checking out Imperion to see what thy are about.

Except for the lower part of the cloak and no face. But I like it, is very sleek.

very cool

I love the ferocious wolf, strength is dripping of it, wicked teeth and I love the extra accent of the scar above his eye.

If this is an assassin on your trail you have nowhere to run or to hide! Even the icey cold isn't stopping them.

Nice drawing of te leather armour too

Beautiful artwork!