Kohdon Predator of Imperian

RPG Assassin

This is another huge favorite by the Iron Realms staff. A Kohdon Predator from the MUD game world of Imperian. Art by Chris Bourassa.


Very nice


Great artwork! One of my favorites for sure! I love the detail in this one. He looks like some guy who's after someone! I'm not sure how is relates to the role-play of Imperia being I do not play, but it sure does look great!

You really should give it a try.

That's pretty sick. Love the wolf and the bone dagger.

As a long-time Sivan of the Idras, I wholeheartedly approve of this piece. Subjectively, I am not sure an Idrasi would tether his wolf like that, and I am not quite sure how I've imagined a sitara to look (it's definitely one of the more unique weapons in the game) but I figured it slightly more menacing.  The darts are a great touch, especially strapped how they are, but I can't imagine a sword being used at all. The environment itself is great--I can imagine it almost as the whirling, biting winds of the Gyanis. Your drawing really portrays the awesome qualities of the guild (and profession).








I really like the details of the armor and equipment, the cloak is a really nice touch too I think. I like the haze in the background sort of obscuring his tail. Overall this picture really makes me want to see a Mhun Serpent!

This artwork is strong, imposing, slightly sinister. I'm totally digging the details of the black armor, the look of menace in his eyes and I believe, the toxin vials strapped to his legs.


Scary dog. Imagine what damage that thing will do if let off its leash. Or worse let off after a target. Good bye poor soul

I agree, the details on the armor are stunning!

Nothing more to say about that one. Gotta love the details.


But I remember the pets and stuff, and this looks really cool.

Very nicely done. Can't fault it.

That is an awsome pic. Makes me want to give Imperian a try.

I agree, just chills me looking at it

Nice big teeth

now I like this, the wolf and man is well done, this is one of your best work of art

Great work. My eyes are drawn to the darts. How are they used?

...he's bearing down a soon-to-be dead mark.  Nice work


nice dog


I miss pocketbelts



That's awesome and scary...




Nice! I really like it.

I see that it's snow, but why does it curl around his coat like that? Is the little pocket of air under his coat hot or cold? I'd think that it's warm with the way that the snow is pushed aside by the cloak, with nothing but some wind pushing on it.

Just gorgeous, absolutely stunning


Is a really cool armor

It is rather similar to an achaean serpent assassin.

Lovely.  Just lovely

Just awesome.

Definately wouldn't want to run across anything like that if you were lost in a snow storm.

He's no match for.. erm, twistring?

Love the detail...particularily the face of the handler, actually.

Very cool.

yeah? Well I get a snake!



thats good too, right?

Awesome artwork!

I've always thought the idea of a Kohdon Idra kind of odd. Simply because I imagine the Kohdon to be coldblooded, I guess.

Also, is that a sword hilt on the dog's hip?

This might be my favorite.

Very nice

I've been seeing this picture for weeks. Last night I finally decided to start playing Imperian again.

I loooove this one.

wonderful details.

the equipment is always the best part

So this is Ithaqua, right?