Lusternia Megalith

Text Game Megalith Image

In the free to play MUD game of Lusternia, the nexus of power in Magnagora is known as the Megalith of Doom, located amid daunting towers of the Necropolis. This image from the game world was created by Chris Bourassa.



I like the purple.

At first I thought this was a Master Crystal....but I can see the Megalith aspect seeing the full pic. Should have some people drawing power out of it, would add more impact ;)

It does kind of look like a master crystal when you first look at it.

It's almost what I picture a master crystal to look like.



It looks like "generic background" without the name given, it doesn't look very "Megalithic" or "Doomy"

true story


oh wow, this is frightening

good use of colors and contrast. very pretty


nice piece of artwork, however I can't imagine a Megalith of Doom being so pretty covered in  purple lightning. I'd imagine it to be more destructive looking.

Are those skulls in the smoke? If so, that's neat.

I'm gonna go with that being intentional, since it makes me have faith in the artist.


Although, yeah, it is supposed to be indoors. I guess the Taint clouds could be that thick?

It could be the one in the Catacombs of Corpus Clay. Makes more sense that way.

I guess being in the Catacombs would make sense for it. Although does the Megalith look like that on Earth?

That's cool.

Oh, and isn't it indoors?

I likes..colors are great!


Hmm, makes me think that there should be new Icewynd art now too! Would be spiffy if each world event was heralded by new art.

Unless that is what it is...a rock with puprle electricity

So comic-booky, I love it.

It's missing all the guards around it.

why my friend tried to lick it the first time he signed up in lusternia.

Doesn't look menacing...

Really nice

Looks great and powerful

It's shiny.


The original four nexus pics need to be remade so they look as awsome as the Matrix and the Eternal Flame do.


Agreed. GaudiFax got all the recent love.

Yes please!

Heh, it's interesting!

oily and full of the essence of a Soulless God. Not sure why it has electricity :(


Little known fact, oil and essence of Soulless Gods create static electricity, unless one properly applies dryer sheets.


It's little brother!

Definitely not one of my favourites of Chris' work. I've seen much better stuff. Overall, the purple adds a bit of color to it. 


I don't think that's Chris, is it?

Maybe a little too simple I think. Nice but it doesn't "Rock my world" like some of the others.


it's nice.. but not menacing enough

I like this design..reminds me of Exalted, which I luiuuuurrve!


love the colors

I love the smog. Woooo, smog.

This.. is a little different than what I pictured!

simple yet awesome.

I really like the simplicity with this. It just makes it seem all the more primal

I like it but it's in the middle of nowhere, haha.



*Gently caresses the Megalith* 

oh, that looks cool