Lusternia Megalith

Text Game Megalith Image

In the free to play MUD game of Lusternia, the nexus of power in Magnagora is known as the Megalith of Doom, located amid daunting towers of the Necropolis. This image from the game world was created by Chris Bourassa.



Pool of Stars please. Thanks!

the Matrix was awesome, breathtaking. This is a bit simple. Cool, but not enough for Nexus.

I expected more.



the art is always so great

somehow this never struck me as a megalith.... wonder why...

The purple is pretty. Definitely a different design than what I'd imagined megaliths to look like

a bit of a groovy tinge, eh?

go lick a megalith


The purple looks like it's creeping up the stone. I like it.

I always picture it... smaller.

Credit comment.

Of people that can actually draw...

name could use some improvement

I like the name. Megalith is a cool word.

I haven't seen this piece before. Very interesting.

happy Solstice, Lusternia!

Very cool

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar...this does not seem to be a cigar.

An impressive depiction of the megalith.