Lusternian Game Race Aslaran

Text Game Aslaran Racial Image

From the virtual MUD game of Lusternia, the aslarans are a race of feline-like humanoids, descended from the Elder God Aslarn. This is one of a multitude of player races you can create a character from in the free to play game world of Lusternia. This image was created for Iron Realms Entertainment by Chris Bourassa.


I love the way this humanoid looks, now just pose it in different stances!


Is that what the Rajamala look like? That's awesome!

I think this shows just how little ture variation there is in the furry races

Ones creativity. If your not creative, theres little variation. Period. Of course its also how one roleplays their character as well, and the description the artist was given. All these things have to be taken into account.



i wish these guys were in achaea instead lusternia. and no alizais the raja is more tigerlike than lionish. love the new achaea website by the way guys and gals great work

I believe the "tiger-like" apperance of the Rajamala race is a reference to ferocity, and not to physical features. A Raja with a mane and tawny fur would be completely valid.

comes from Disney's Alladin, referring to Princess Jasmines tiger. Accept it as fact.

that is amazing..




Could also be lycs in Imperian. Great work!

Oh My

Awesome race

but i like all races. The war paint on this is a great added touch. Thank you, master artist!

Indeed, less furry and more rawr!

one plushy warrior with crazy hair. instant love

Can't imagine they are big on going out in the rain.  But they should get some aeon ability when they shake water off their mane so time slows down for an 80s big hair rock video effect!


For some reason, I thought canine when it came to the muzzle.

I'ld hate to see the furballs that coughs up.



looks very cool

If only people kept to the mythos of Aslaran = lion. Far too many leopards, lynx, tigers, ligers...some are just humans with cat ears o.0

no complaints about this one :)

Great picture.

Niiice. I'm guessing it dosn't take well to being petted?

That's pretty awesome. I love the blue marking.

Most of the art I see on isn't too bad, I'd just like to see more of it! One picture per race feels very limiting to me.

I think this is my favourite so far.

I love the art for this one.

ooo animal!

Great depiction of a furry race indeed! It fits very well into the role-play aspect of choosing a character and is fairly displayed in a stance much like what the actual race would be. Very nice artwork!

see this is kind of what i pictured rajas from achaea looking like. very nice work


I like the stance too. A little bit rastafarian!

Everything seems to work, colours, background, position, lights. Beautiful.

I know some of it is due to perspective but I like the huge hands and forearms against the lean torso.

yet evokes a feeling of potential fury.  I love the details such as the claws at the ends of the hands and as Nixxe wrote earlier, the warpaint.

Not bad, not bad at all.

Good kitty!

Cool picture.


Aslarans are neat, but furrikin are the best!

Love those weird locks and the runed bracers. Artis? 


Poor bugger - never being invited to stay for dinner when it's raining because of that "wet dog" smell.

Except it's a cat.

I loves it!!!